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June 25, 2013

Sometimes you see a messy mountain of material that you just HAVE to have. The mess shown below is on its way to me.

6 volumes of U.S. and worldwide revenues, locals, cinderellas, cut squares, and other miscellany. It just keeps going... My assumption is that virtually all of the U.S. locals, newspaper stamps, and Confederates are fakes/reprints/facsimiles (actually, most of the newspaper stamps are printed as such).

It's definitely a "quantity over quality" lot, as at least amongst the U.S. revenues, I do not see any high-dollar pieces. However, the allure is for hunting plate varieties, silk papers, and cancels. There are several good cancels peeking their heads out from amongst the crowd.

The Buy-It-Now price was insanely high, which I think scared people off. I did a bit of back-and-forth via Best Offer and ended up at a point that I was comfortable with.

It still wasn't cheap by any means just due to the sheer volume, but it's at a level where I think I can cherrypick and then flip. I haven't decided if I will try and flip the whole thing, or try to split out the locals, cinderellas, world revs by country, etc.

The U.S. revenues don't look too picked over. I see a Seth Arnold cancel, a nice Thomas N. Dale fancy shield cancel, some railroad cancels, etc. There are penciled referenced to plate varieties and silk papers (not to mention that there are likely silk papers not identified as such).

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