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No. of Stamps: 3817


Extremely rare Walker & Taylor Proprietary Cancel Unusual crown cancel Superb R24a pair with socked-on-the-nose insurance cancel Thomas N. Dale & Co. shield cancel R131c with perfectly-centered bullseye cancel Rare R77a with lovely strike of a J.P. Morgan & Co. cancel Socked-on-the-nose cancel using an unusual almost fluorescent ink Crisply-struck Joseph Scholl proprietary cancel Rare and exceptionally struck Benton's Pine Tar Troches cancel
Superb Brady's Bend Iron Co. cancel Rare, albeit munged R84a, with a lovely contrasting Taylor Brothers cancel Interesting heart-shaped cancel


December 3, 2016. - I have added a census page for 1st-3rd issue double impressions.

August 3, 2014. - I added a reference page to Civil War photographer cancels.

July 28, 2014. - I added a blog of selected posts I've made on various forums and mailing lists.

May 16, 2012. - I added a PDF of the November 1985 TAR article updating Shellabear's listing of ship cancellations on Civil War revenues.

November 26, 2011. - I added a page on counterfeits, forgeries, and altered stamps in my collection.

November 10, 2011. - I added a set of pages on 1st Issue plate varieties.

October 9, 2011. - I added a reference page on 1st Issue silk papers.

July 12, 2011. - Initial version of the Shellabear/Tolman Interactive Railroad Cancel Database opens to the public (partially complete).

September 6, 2010. - The 1,000th stamp added to the website.

December 28, 2007. - Forbin CD-ROM is no longer available. All future additions will be to the online version only.

December 24, 2007. - Massive reimaging project underway. Extensive revenue cancel/image search capability added.

December 24, 2004. - Added a gallery page for the U.S. revenue multiples in my collection.

October 24, 2004. - Added a gallery page for the handstamped and printed cancels on 1st Issue revenues in my collection.

August 24, 2004. - I've added an information and subscription page for Global Stamp News.

January 1, 2004. - Forbin - Catalogue de Timbres-Fiscaux is now available both online and on CD-ROM. Order today!

January 25, 2003. - This site opens. Welcome to the wonderful world of collecting revenue stamps, some of the most beautiful and elegant examples of art ever created.

All the pictures you see on this site are of actual stamps in my personal collection. Other than items listed on the "For Sale" page, the stamps are not for sale.

Enjoy! -Dan

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