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Extremely rare Walker & Taylor Proprietary Cancel Unusual crown cancel Superb R24a pair with socked-on-the-nose insurance cancel Thomas N. Dale & Co. shield cancel R131c with perfectly-centered bullseye cancel Rare R77a with lovely strike of a J.P. Morgan & Co. cancel Socked-on-the-nose cancel using an unusual almost fluorescent ink Crisply-struck Joseph Scholl proprietary cancel Rare and exceptionally struck Benton's Pine Tar Troches cancel
Superb Brady's Bend Iron Co. cancel Rare, albeit munged R84a, with a lovely contrasting Taylor Brothers cancel Interesting heart-shaped cancel

Recent News

May 5, 2019. - Page added for U.S. and foreign revenue stamps used on the same document.

September 10, 2018. - Page added for my small-sized revenue stamped paper (RN).

February 14, 2018. - Website design overhaul! I've implemented a responsive, more mobile-friendly site design.

January 13, 2018. - I have added a page for Pacific Mail Steamship Co. straight line handstamp cancels.

August 17, 2017. - I have added a census page for R15e (2-cent USIR on green paper).

December 3, 2016. - I have added a census page for 1st-3rd issue double impressions.

August 3, 2014. - I added a reference page to Civil War photographer cancels.

July 28, 2014. - I added a blog of selected posts I've made on various forums and mailing lists.

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