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U.S. Revenue Stamp and Cancel Search

I am now adding more information about each stamp so you can look up cancels by cancel type and method, by company name and type, and by city and state, as well as by cancel date. This is a work in progress, so please bear with me.

Since my focus is on handstamped and printed cancels on 1st Series revenues (R1-R102), the vast majority of the results will fall in that range, although you can search for all revenues that I might have added to the database...

Please note that the information available varies from cancel to cancel, so searching under a particular attribute will not necessarily produce all of the stamps in my collection that contain that attribute, e.g., some cancels have city and/or state identification, whereas others do not. Just because a company name is indicated, it may be unknown as to the nature of that company, etc.

(Partial matches possible, e.g., "R25" will match R25a, R25b, and R25c)

(leave blank to search all years)

(The shorter the keyword, the greater the likelihood of a match.)

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