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Stamps that either have jumbo margins or have XF/Superb centering.

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Scott # 76
76  Lovely stamp!

Scott # R1a
R1a  Columbus

Scott # R2c
R2c  2006 Philatelic Foundation certificate. The horizontal crease mentioned in the cert is so faint that it can only be seen in liquid. Superb jumbo margins. Truly a gorgeous stamp!

Scott # R5a
R5a  T & Co.

R5a  Superb jumbo!
R5a  Farmers & Mechanics Bank

Lovely examnple!
R5a  Samuel Dexter Hastings

R5a privately rouletted, on document piece. Unlisted in Scott. Rouletting is visible on all 4 sides of the stamp, with multiple vertical rows.
R5a  Stevens Brothers

Manufacturer of stationary and portable steam engines and boilers.
R5a  Wells Fargo & Co.

Superb example with gigantic jumbo margins and a blue Wells Fargo handstamp cancel.
R5a  Nice margins.
R5a  M.D.B.

Scott # R5b
R5b  Wells Fargo

Wonderful one-of-a-kind piece! Not only is it a major double transfer (T5), but it is also an R5b that is imperforate vertically rather than horizontally (as with all part perforates, the imperf vertically are far more scarce than imperf horizontally). It is on a piece of a Wells Fargo document, with a California state revenue.

Scott # R5c
R5c  Huge jumbo margins.
R5c  Large jumbo margins.

Scott # R6e
R6e  Z. P. McMillen

Currently the only reported example of R6e on a photograph. Exceptional color and centering! Ex-Baryla, from his award winning Civil War Sun Tax exhibit.

Scott # R7a
R7a  George Washington Bank

R7a  Bank of Iowa

Scott # R8c
R8c  J.C. & Co.

Superb jumbo margins!

Scott # R9a
R9a  John Wood & Co.

Superb jumbo. John Wood was founder of Quincy Il and early land speculator in town. He served as IL governor 1860-1861 (10 months), then was quartermaster for state of Illinois.

Scott # R9b
R9b  Huge jumbo margins. Part perfs imperforate vertically are considerably more scarce than the normal imperforate horizontally.
R9b  Village Bank

Very large top and bottom margins. R9b are actually quite scarce on document.

Scott # R11b
R11b  Superb example.

Scott # R12c
R12c  North Pennsylvania Railroad

Scott # R13b
R13b  Sanford & Hayw???

Scarce on document, and exceptional centering.

Scott # R13c
R13c  Superb example!
R13c  Huge jumbo example of R13c on a CDV from an unknown photographer.

Scott # R14c
R14c  Whitney & Beckwith

Courtesy of Bruce Baryla This 'Skull and Bones' handstamp was known to collectors of fancy handstamps by its appearance as a 'sender's mark' on covers mailed in 1857 by the 'Society of Twenty-Two,' a Yale University based fraternal group associated with the famous Skull and Bones Society.

This same handstamp was used years later as a stamp canceling device. As it turns out, the secretary of the 'Society of Twenty-Two' in 1857 was Robert A. Beckwith. He became a photographer and co-owner of the Whitney & Beckwith studio and he repurposed the handstamp from his college days to cancel revenue stamps.

See this blog entry for other examples with different portions of the cancel.

Scott # R15c
R15c  Stamp from Bedford Plate 2B study, slight doubling top left to top, left side to left, and bottom to bottom left. Superbly centered stamp.

Scott # R16c
R16c  Nice jumbo margins.

Scott # R16d
R16d  Deep rich color.

Scott # R17c
R17c  Absolutely gorgeous jumbo, with margins much larger than normally found.

Scott # R18c
R18c  Very scarce unlisted double transfer, commonly referred to as 'Eggs North', the outlines of the numeral ovals are offset to the north. There is also an 'Eggs West' double transfer with the ovals offset to the west, although it is not as bold.

Scott # R19a
R19a  S.B. & Co.

Scott # R19c
R19c  Some toning, but jumbo margins.

Scott # R21c
R21c  The 4-cent Playing Cards is almost universally found faulty or poorly centered. Finding one that is sound and perfectly centered is virtually impossible.

Scott # R23d
R23d  Jumbo margins. Several silk threads viewable on the face of the stamp.

Scott # R24a
R24a  Raymonds Insurance Agency

Horizontal pair.
R24a  Jumbo margins with partial margin imprint at bottom.

Scott # R24c
R24c  John N. Stearns

Clerk of the Supreme Court of the State of New York.
R24c  Very common stamp with low catalog value (the catalog value quoted above is for a block of 4 + a pair). However, given the normal poor quality control and centering found on these, the centering of the stamps in this block is actually superb.

Scott # R25b
R25b  D. A. A

Prothonotary of the District Court of Philadelphia.

Scott # R25c

Scott # R26c
R26c  New York Central Railroad

Scott # R27a
R27a  New London Northern Railroad Co.

R27a  Farmers and Mechanics Bank

R27a  Vertical pair with jumbo margins on all sides. If not for a few small flaws, this would be a 'moon money' piece.
R27a  State Bank of Michigan

Scott # R27b
R27b  Edward Atkinson

Treasurer for cotton mills.

Scott # R27c
R27c  Huge jumbo margins!

Scott # R28c
R28c  Jumbo margins. Embossed cancel and preprint paper fold.

Scott # R29c
R29c  Jumbo margins. Also has a scratched plate at right, unlisted in Scott.

Scott # R30c
R30c  Manuscript and embossed cancels.

Scott # R31c
R31c  A. M. F. Gianelli

1998 APEX certificate. AMFG = Seller of Italian bitters. This is an lovely example of R31c, which is is almost universally found faulty and poorly centered. The Scott catalog states 'Nearly all examples of No. R31 are faulty and poorly centered. The catalogue value is for a fine centered stamp with minor faults which do not detract from its appearance.'

Scott # R32a
R32a  Moses, Taylor & Co.

R32a  R.C. Clark & Co.

R32a  Dehon, Clark & Bridges

R32a  Macondray & Co.

R32a  H. S. & Co.

Scott # R33a
R33a  Ex-Morrissey.
R33a  Uncanceled with almost full original gum. I can count the number of true unused 1st issue imperfs with full or partial gum I have ever seen on one hand. Most 1st issue revenues sold as 'mint' or 'unused' are simply uncanceled stamps that have been sweated or soaked from documents. I have quite a few perforated 1st issue revenues with gum, but this is the only imperf.
R33a  Faulty, but ginormous jumbo margins. Great appearance.

Scott # R34ce

Scott # R34d

Scott # R36a

Scott # R39c

Scott # R40a
R40a  Vertical strip of 3.
R40a  Delaware, Lackawanna & Western Railroad

Scott # R40c

Scott # R41a
R41a  B. B. & Co.

R41a  Bering Brothers & Co.

R41a  Charles Luling & Co.

2006 Philatelic Foundation certificate. Graded XF 90.
R41a  Arkell, Tufts & Co.

Ship brokers. Very scarce cancel. The cancel from this company that is normally found contains a 5-pointed star at center, whereas this earlier cancel has an 8-pointed star within the ring of the cancel.

Scott # R42a
R42a  Vertical pair. Horizontal crease at top, but look at those jumbo margins!

Scott # R42b
R42b  Superb margins all the way around!

Scott # R42c
R42c  B. H. & Co.

Scott # R44a
R44a  Terre Haute & Richmond Railroad Co.

Great SON handstamp on a stock certificate from the Terre Haute & Richmond Railroad.
R44a  George Washington Insurance Company

Tolman G-2a.

Scott # R44c
R44c  Incredible 3-margin jumbo.
R44c  Jumbo margins at left and right with a margin imprint capture at left.
R44c  Superb example with jumbo margins.

Scott # R45a

Scott # R46a

Scott # R46d
R46d  Superb jumbo-margin example. Appears to possibly have a doubled frameline at bottom.

Scott # R47a
R47a  Gorgeous vertical pair with striking early-use cancel.
R47a  Citizens Fire Insurance Co.

Tolman C-20b.
R47a  Connecticut Mutual Life Insurance Co.

Tolman C-51b.

Scott # R50a

Scott # R51a

Scott # R51c
R51c  Charles Taylor

Superb margins.

Scott # R52a
R52a  Top margin example.
R52a  Amazing margins, but the tear at bottom right is a travesty.
R52a  Nice jumbo margins.

Scott # R52b
R52b  Jumbo!!
R52b  Drexel & Co.

Huge margins.

Scott # R53a
R53a  Tradesman's Bank

2013 Philatelic Foundation certificate. Exceptional margins, and one of very few examples with a handstamped cancel. The cancel company and exact date are identical to the stamp on Philatelic Foundation certificate 179017.

Scott # R53b
R53b  Bottom margin example.

Scott # R54c

Scott # R55c
R55c  Jumbo.

Scott # R56a
R56a  Charles Taylor

Impossible date on the cancel (Oct. 1, 1862 is when the tax went into effect). Most likely someone accidentally put in an incorrect final digit in the date slug.

Scott # R57b
R57b  Circuit Court of Marion County

Court summons. Absolutely superb centering!

Scott # R58a

Scott # R58c
R58c  W.S. Dunham, General Agent

R58c  Superb jumbo example.

Scott # R60a

Scott # R60c
R60c  Nice left margin example.

Scott # R61a

Scott # R62a
R62a  Lovely horizontal pair.

Scott # R63a

Scott # R63c
R63c  W.D. Sherrerd & Co.

Scott # R64a
R64a  Superb example with an early use date.

Scott # R65a

Scott # R65b
R65b  McA. & W.

Scott # R65c
R65c  Perforation error resulting in part of the stamp below being included.

Scott # R66a
R66a  New York Central Railroad

Scott # R67a
R67a  L.E.A & Co.

Scott # R69a
R69a  Thomas N. Dale & Co.

Scott # R75a

Scott # R77c
R77c  Exceptional margins and bright color!

Scott # R78a
R78a  Curtis & Peabody

Partial margin imprint. Sir Curtis Lamson and George Peabody. They ran a Shipping Firm and were backed by Urial Atwood Murdock, the President of the Continental National Bank, who also sold railroad nails (skipes) at a 200% profit.
R78a  A. & W. Sprague

Textile mill.
R78a  Charles Luling & Co.

Scott # R78c

Scott # R82a

Scott # R86a
R86a  Miller & Houghton


Scott # R89a

Scott # R89c

Scott # R90a
R90a  J.G. Shepherd & T. Menzies

One of the California late imperf usages (normally a date this late would be a red flag for a trimmed stamp, but late date cancels used on imperfs in California are a known legitimate usage). Agents for the Bank of North America.

Scott # R94a

Scott # R95c

Scott # R96a
R96a  2010 Weiss certificate.

Scott # R98a
R98a  Horizontal pair.
R98a  Holliday's Cove Railroad Co.

Absolutely superb. The Tolman listing example.
R98a  Wed. W. Clarke & Co.

Oil refinery.
R98a  Absolutely massive margins.

Scott # R99a
R99a  Just absolutely gorgeous!

Scott # R100c
R100c  Margins beyond compare! The largest jumbo of a perforated issue I have ever seen.
R100c  Merri???? Manufacturing Co.

Scott # R100d

Scott # R101c

Scott # R105
R105  Huge margins; too bad it's a cut cancel.

Scott # R106

Scott # R110

Scott # R112
R112  Cheap stamp, but superb example.
R112  Just 1 margin away from being a once in a lifetime specimen. Still not too shabby.

Scott # R112c
R112c  Exceptional margins!

Scott # R115
R115  Superb example with large margins.

Scott # R115c
R115c  Odells & Mills

Superb example of a VERY difficult stamp. Large margins, sound, and with two crisp cancel strikes. Ex-Morrissey.
R115c  Perfectly sound example with great margins and very fresh appearance.

Scott # R118
R118  Absolutely superb jumbo example.

Scott # R119
R119  2011 APEX certificate. Nice centering and very fresh color.

Scott # R120
R120  3 gargantuan margins. Imagine if the top margin were the same!
R120  Foreign entry, design of $1. Ex-Morrissey. The finest centered example I have ever seen.

Scott # R122
R122  Simply superb. The $1.30, $1.60, and $1.90 denominations are virtually never found with aesthetically pleasing handstamp cancels. Ex-Morrissey.

Scott # R126
R126  Cut cancel but wonderfully centered.

Scott # R127
R127  Superb jumbo example!

Scott # R129

Scott # R135
R135  Huge jumbo margins.
R135  Absolutely superb jumbo!

Scott # R140
R140  H. L. Routh & Sons

R140  Absolutely ginormous jumbo margins.
R140  Horizontal strip of 5. I don't normally go after multiples or play the '11th largest known multiple' game, but I made an exception for this piece. Even though it is the 3rd largest reported multiple (there is one block of 6 and one strip of 6), the quality of the individual stamps in this strip is MUCH nicer than those other multiples, with each stamp having centering well clear of the perforations, but also there is a margin imprint capture at lower right. Ex-Morrissey.

Scott # R143
R143  3 huge margins.

Scott # R145
R145  Pacific Mail Steamship Co.

Wonderful stamp exhibiting six strikes from the Pacific Mail steamship 'Rising Star'.

Scott # R146

Scott # R149

Scott # R150a
R150a  2012 PSAG certificate. Gorgeous jumbo margins.

Scott # R151
R151  Oversized jumbo margins.

Scott # R152a

Scott # R191d
R191d  Listed as a tripled surcharge, but I believe this is actually a quadrupled surcharge, which is unlisted. The discolored strip across the center is actually water-soluble varnish, an anti-reuse measure.

Scott # R229
R229  Very nice mint full-gum example of a double impression.

Scott # R355

Scott # RB1c
RB1c  2004 Philatelic Foundation certificate.

Scott # RB2a
RB2a  Large jumbo margins.

Scott # RB4a
RB4a  T. S. Sanderson

Scott # RB5a
RB5a  2001 Philatelic Foundation certificate. Ex-Scarsdale Collection.

Scott # RB11c
RB11c  Nice top margin copy.

Scott # RB15b
RB15b  Full OG. Absoolutely gorgeous!

Scott # RB16b
RB16b  Victor E. Mauger

Scott # RB19b
RB19b  2007 Philatelic Foundation certificate. Ex-Scarsdale Collection.

Scott # RE15a
RE15a  Lovely example of the double impression. All examples I have found images of have this exact same cancel and date.

Scott # RG11
RG11  Bottom margin plate block of 4. Catalog value is from the 2016 Durland catalog.

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