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Scott # 68. Added September 22, 2020


10-cent Washington used illegally as revenue on an 1865 document, written entirely in German. Very unusual.


Scott # R162. Added September 21, 2020


Lake Superior & Mississippi Railroad et al. Very scarce solo use of half-cent battleship documentary on an 1899 2-day traveler's accidental death and injury policy from The Travelers Insurance Company. The full name of the railroad in the cancel is Lake Superior & Mississipi and Chicago, Rock Island & Pacific Railroad.


Scott # R155. Added September 20, 2020


Numerous. U.S. revenue documents with both U.S. and non-U.S. revenue stamps affixed, paying multiple taxes throughout a chain of transactions are quite scarce. This example was taxed in England and then doubly taxed in the U.S. There is an extensive 2-page writeup of the document here and here.


Scott # RB24. Added September 18, 2020


New Jersey Plate Glass Insurance Co. 1-cent proprietary battleship revenue stamp used illegally as a documentary, along with an R155 2-cent provisional overprint, paying 3 cents tax on an attractive 1898 insurance policy premium receipt.


Scott # R152a. Added September 16, 2020


Wiard & Hough, Wiard Plow Works. Very attractive check with plow vignette and stylized lettering.


Scott # RE30. Added September 16, 2020


Very scarce plate number 413 single. The catalog value listed is from Durland. Undervalued in my opinion.


Scott # R164. Added September 16, 2020


USPS. 2-cent battleship documentary used illegally as postage, caught by the USPS and valid postage subsequently affixed.


Scott # R32a. Added September 11, 2020


Excellent example of the 'West Coast late date imperfs', 5 singles of R32a on a piece of a court document used in the state of Oregon. Normally, a usage date of November 1865 would be late enough to raise alarm bells as to whether the stamps were contrived (trimmed).


Scott # 250. Added September 9, 2020


This looks like a nondescript illegal usage, a bit beat up, likely a $10-15 item at retail. But the timing is curious. It's dated February 21, 1891... but that stamp wasn't issued until 1894. Unless it's a contrived item, the only thing I can think of is that it was retroactively taxed at the time the check was submitted for payment, some 3+ years later. The reverse shows nothing except for the endorsement of the payee, presumably a family member.


Scott # 146. Added September 8, 2020


Farmers' National Bank. 2-cent Andrew Jackson used illegally as a revenue stamp on an 1872 bank check.


Scott # R154. Added September 7, 2020


USPS. Horizontal pair of 1c Franklins with provisional IR overprints, used illegally as postage on an 1898 cover.


Scott # 114. Added September 7, 2020


3-cent Locomotive used illegaly as a revenue stamp on an 1870 Lousiville receipt, overpaying the 2-cent receipt tax due.


Scott # R163. Added September 4, 2020


Adams Express Co. 1c battleship documentary block of 10 with partial margin imprint at the bottom, on a document fragment, with interesting patriotic 'Remember the Maine' sentiment written across the block.


Scott # R13d. Added September 4, 2020


2c Proprietary silk paper horizontal strip of 3. Severely thinned but a very scarce silk paper multiple. Per the Curtis Census, this is tied with one other strip of 3 for the second largest multiple, with only a single block of 4 larger.


Scott # R1b. Added August 22, 2020


Very scarce short transfer (bottom of upper stamp) with 1983 APEX certificate. Interestingly, the 1866 usage is very late for a part perf.


Scott # R116. Added August 22, 2020


Webb, Turner & Co. Cheese merchant.


Scott # R51d. Added August 22, 2020



Scott # R164. Added July 25, 2020


USPS. A little beat up, but great aesthetics. Oversized cover with 3 2-cent battleship documentary revenue stamps used illegally as postage, caught, and 5-cent and 1-cent postage stamps subsequently affixed over top of the revenue stamps and canceled.


Scott # R228. Added July 25, 2020


USPS. Very scarce illegal usage, a 1-cent documentary used, not as postage, but instead as a postage due stamp.


Scott # R28c. Added July 25, 2020


5-cent Playing Cards used illegally as a documentary on an 1865 promissory note.


Scott # R162. Added July 25, 2020


Fred W. Peters, Insurance Agent. Very scarce solo use of 1/2-cent battleship documentary on a 1900 insurance policy renewal receipt from The Standard Life and Accident Insurance Co. of Detroit, Michigan.


Scott # 286. Added July 23, 2020


Citizens National Bank. 2-cent Trans-Mississippi used illegally as a revenue stamp on a July 1898 check, caught, a 2-cent battleship documentary subsequently affixed and both stamps tied by a boxed bank handstamp.


Scott # 73. Added July 16, 2020


Union Bank of Watertown. 2-cent 'Black Jack' used used illegally as a revenue stamp on an 1864 check, tied with black oval handstamp cancel.


Scott # R196. Added July 15, 2020


USPS, Mexican Post. Unusual 1914 illegal use cover, with a horizontal pair of 1-cent documentaries used as postage. It appears that the postal clerk misread 'Miss' in the address as 'Mex', and the cover was sent to Mexico where it ended up in a dead letter office. The affixed Mexican postal seal and the violet handstamps match. Violet handtamp reads 'Received in the Dead Letter Department without the corresponding stamp.'


Scott # 279b. Added July 4, 2020


H. Van de Bogart, Deputy Register in Chancery. A horizontal strip of 5 2-cent Washington postage stamps (Scott #279b) illegally paying 10 cents tax on an 1898 divorce decree.


Scott # R29c. Added July 4, 2020


George Wolton, Prothonotary. 5-cetn proprietary illegally used as a documentary on en election certification document.


Scott # R27c. Added June 21, 2020


American Lloyd's. Just a beautiful document! An 1871 certificate of classification for the schooner W.H. Green, from American Lloyd's Insurance Co. In addition to the large green underprint of the company logo, it has the corresponding green embossed seal, an attractive maritime vignette at top center, and a boldly struck example of a 'JOHN DEVEREUX SURVEYOR FOR AMMERICAN LLOYDS' handstamp cancel typing R27c to the document. Very rare.


Scott # R41c. Added June 21, 2020


Very scarce major double transfer with doubling along the entire left side and the bottom. Only a handful of examples are known.


Scott # R165p. Added June 21, 2020


Mint original gum margin block of 24, with 16 of the 24 stamps never hinged. Very scarce multiple, the hyphen-hole perforated documentaries are considerably more scarce as multiples than the rouletted versions, or their proprietary counterparts. The top and third from top stamps in the far right column contain double transfers.


Scott # 286. Added May 31, 2020


McCormick Harvesting Machine Co. 2-cent Trans-Mississippi used illegally as a revenue stamp on an August 1898 promissory note.


Scott # R10c. Added May 31, 2020


R. N. Ham. Only the second reported example of this cancel that features the camera image. However, unlike previously attributions to the photographer C. Becker based upon the imprint on the front of CDVs, this cancel shows the photographer as 'R.N. Ham' at the same address.


Scott # R3c. Added May 22, 2020


Orange National Bank. Two 1c Proprietary stamps on an 1869 bank check. Nominally illegal in two different aspects: First, proprietary stamps were not permitted to be used as documentaries, and secondly, the stamps are overlapping, with the bottom stamp almost completely obscured, which was also not permitted.


Scott # R196. Added May 17, 2020


USPS. Two 1-cent documentaries used illegaly as postage on a 1917 cover, caught by the USPS and held for postage, with a coil pair of 1-cent Washington stamps (Scott #490) affixed to pay the postage. Nice 'THIS IS THE MAIL FOR WHICH YOU SENT POSTAGE' block letter marking at left. Mousies had some chompies at lower right.


Scott # R44a. Added May 16, 2020


B of B Co. Lovely meticulous manuscript cancel.


Scott # R58b. Added May 16, 2020


A reference piece. The 50-cent Life Insurance part perf is not listed in Scott as being found imperforate vertically. Also, the 1867 date is far too late to be a genuine part perf.


Scott # R195. Added May 4, 2020


S. R. Benjamin & Co. 1/2-cent, 1-cent, 10-cent, and 25-cent documentaries overpaying 37 & 1/2 cents tax (should have been 32 & 1/2 cents) on a policy from the Westchester Fire Insurance Company of New York.


Scott # R195. Added May 4, 2020


Leland P. Wilson, Agent. 1/2-cent, 1-cent, 5-cent, and 10-cent documentaries paying the correct 17 & 1/2 cents tax on a fire insurance policy from The Connecticut Fire Insurance Company of Hartford, Connecticut.


Scott # R162. Added May 4, 2020


Chas. Merriman & Co, Agents. 1/2-cent, 2-cent, and 3-cent documentaries paying 10 & 1/2 cents tax on a fire insurance policy from the Hartford County Mutual Fire Insurance Co.


Scott # R195. Added May 4, 2020


Emery & Norton. $1, 50-cent, 10-cent, 4-cent, and 1/2-cent documentaries paying $1.64 & 1/2 cents tax on a policy to for the Lacombe Lumber Co., by the Fire Insurance Co. of Hartford, Connecticut.


Scott # R195. Added May 3, 2020


Chapman & Nauman Co. $1, 10-cent, 5-cent, and 1/2-cent documentaries paying the correct $1.15 & 1/2 cents tax on an insurance policy from the National Fire Insurance Co. of Hartford, CT.


Scott # R162. Added May 3, 2020


Title Guarantee and Trust Co. 1/2-cent, 2-cent, 10-cent, and 25-cent battleship documentaries paying the correct 37 & 1/2 cents tax on an insurance policy.


Scott # R162. Added May 3, 2020


Aetna Insurance Co. 1/2-cent battleship, along with 1-cent and 5-cent battleship documentaries, paying 6 & 1/2 cents tax on an Aetna Insurance Co. policy.


Scott # R195. Added May 3, 2020


Lovejoy & Spear, Managers. 1/2-cent and 5-cent documentaries paying 5 & 1/2 cents tax on a policy from the Phoenix Insurance Co.


Scott # R162. Added May 3, 2020


Homer G. Gilmore. Half-cent battleship, along with 4-cent, 10-cent, 25-cent, and 50-cent battleship documentaries, paying 89 & 1/2 cents tax on a 1901 contractors' employers liability policy issued by The Travelers Insurance Co in the amount of $188.84. Tax should have been 94 & 1/2 cents, so the missing stamp was presumably a 5-cent battleship.


Scott # R58a. Added April 18, 2020


Lovely multiple, a vertical block of 10, a complete strip of the sheet from top margin to bottom. It is the third largest reported multiple, unlisted in the Curtis Census.


Scott # RB67. Added April 12, 2020


W. J. D. Reconstructed block of 4 (two horizontal pairs) double impression. Only listed as mint in Scott, no listing for used. Value shown is for 4 singles.


Scott # R45b. Added April 12, 2020


B & M. This is the largest of 4 recorded multiples of R45b imperforate vertically. Far more scarce than the normal imperforate horizontally. The catalogue value shown is for two pairs. Ex-Curtis.


Scott # R162. Added March 22, 2020


U.S. Casualty Co. Very interesting item. This is the first solo usage of a half-cent documentary battleship revenue stamp that I have seen. It appears to be a promotional 1-month accident insurance policy. Very innovative marketing idea!


Scott # R15c. Added March 22, 2020


M.M. & Co. Interesting tombstone-style framed handstamp cancel. Hardware, glass, putty &c.


Scott # R69a. Added March 22, 2020


Clerk's Office. An example of what I call 'The California Late Imperfs'. Normally imperforates and part perfs with late cancel dates are an immediate red flag for fakery... the one notable exception being a cache/hoard of imperfs that apparently resurfaced from storage late in the taxation period in California, that are legitimate imperforates and part perfs. Normally you don't find imperfs used after 1864, but California examples can be found MUCH later.


Scott # RNT4. Added March 14, 2020


Indianapolis, Bloomington and Western Railway Co.


Scott # R36a. Added March 10, 2020


This one is a travesty... a vertical pair of R36a with a large-format clotheir handstamp cancel. Sadly, it has a piercing (document was stacked on a spindle on a clerk's desk) which results in severe tears to both stamps. It would have been a great showpiece otherwise.


Scott # R15c. Added March 10, 2020


Price, Parrish & Co. Very unusual handstamp cancel with either an eagle or a seal/walrus at the center (likely the former). I've not been able to dig up any logo or other images associated with this firm, which was an import house.


Scott # R36c. Added March 10, 2020


G.P. Hopkins. Very scarce negative photographer handstamp cancel, the only example I have ever seen.


Scott # R6c. Added March 10, 2020


Very unusual boxed 'PAID 4' handstamp cancel with very ornate corner ornaments.


Scott # R22c. Added March 8, 2020


Walker & Taylor. Extremely rare 7-line Walker & Taylor printed cancel; much more scarce than the 10-line printed cancels found on the 1-cent and 2-cent denominations. Double transfer at top and lower left.


Scott # R18c. Added March 8, 2020


S. McCrary. One of the three known California photographers that used stencil cancels. Very scarce. S. McCrary was located in a fraternal organization meeting room called the 'Odd Fellows Hall'.


Scott # R89c. Added March 8, 2020


Bold 'Bark Magna Charter' manuscript cancel.


Scott # R15c. Added March 7, 2020


Comstock's Regular Clipper Line. Reconstructed large-format boxed handstamp cancel from Comstock's Regular Clipper Line, New York to San Francisco.


Scott # R5c. Added March 7, 2020


Jacob Tobler. Fancy negative 'JT' script monogram cancel, the first example I have seen in a multiple.


Scott # R27c. Added March 7, 2020


B & Co. Unusual negative cancel with Old English font.


Scott # R68c. Added March 7, 2020


William Langford & Sons. Ornate insurance broker boxed handstamp cancel.


Scott # R44c. Added March 7, 2020


The Farmer's Bank of Washington County. Ornate oval bank cancel with fancy text placement.


Scott # R44c. Added March 4, 2020


The Montana Mineral Land and Mining Co.


Scott # R57a. Added March 4, 2020


FE & CEC. Very bold and heavy manuscript cancel.


Scott # R21c. Added March 4, 2020


Unusual circular handstamp cancel with 'AWF' script initials.


Scott # R65c. Added March 4, 2020


D. H.


Scott # R130. Added March 4, 2020


Simon de Visser. Large-size handstamp cancel with diagonal cutting blades above and below the date slug as part of the canceling device.


Scott # R247. Added March 3, 2020


Dollar Steamship Lines. R247-249 with cut cancels and large-format circular handstamp cancels, prsumably from bills of lading. Very interesting and scarce.


Scott # R126. Added March 1, 2020


Brady's Bend Iron Co. While at first glance it appears to be a handstamped cancel, it is actually a printed cancel. See my page devoted to the cancels of the Brady's Bend Iron Co.


Scott # R6c. Added March 1, 2020


Brady's Bend Iron Co. While at first glance it appears to be a handstamped cancel, it is actually a printed cancel. See my page devoted to the cancels of the Brady's Bend Iron Co.


Scott # R86c. Added March 1, 2020


John S. Emery & Co. Ship brokers cancel.


Scott # R61a. Added March 1, 2020


Charles W. Brooks & Co. Shipping and commission merchants and agents, Hawaiian Packet Line for Honolulu. An example of what I call 'The California Late Imperfs'. Normally imperforates and part perfs with late cancel dates are an immediate red flag for fakery... the one notable exception being a cache/hoard of imperfs that apparently resurfaced from storage late in the taxation period in California, that are legitimate imperforates and part perfs. Normally you don't find imperfs used after 1864, but California examples can be found MUCH later.


Scott # R5a. Added March 1, 2020


Tallant & Co. An example of what I call 'The California Late Imperfs'. Normally imperforates and part perfs with late cancel dates are an immediate red flag for fakery... the one notable exception being a cache/hoard of imperfs that apparently resurfaced from storage late in the taxation period in California, that are legitimate imperforates and part perfs. Normally you don't find imperfs used after 1864, but California examples can be found MUCH later.


Scott # RB2a. Added March 1, 2020


E.F.B. & Co.


Scott # RB1a. Added March 1, 2020


Walker & Taylor. 8-line printed cancel: SLOAN'S Condition Powder, Horse Ointment, Damily Ointment, Instant Relief. WALKER & TAYLOR. Not the greatest strike, or this would be a $150-250 item.


Scott # RB15b. Added March 1, 2020


Meyer Brothers & Co.


Scott # R77c. Added March 1, 2020


Bank of Commerce.


Scott # R5a. Added March 1, 2020


Handy & Hoadley. Diminuitive embossed cancel.


Scott # R28c. Added March 1, 2020


J D. Printed/typeset cancel, where the press operator apparently had some positioning issues (the cancel should have been centered on the stamp).


Scott # R115. Added February 29, 2020


Henderson Insurance Agency. Large 6-line insurance agency handstamp cancel.


Scott # R15c. Added February 29, 2020


1st National Bank.


Scott # R46b. Added February 29, 2020


Providence Washington Insurance Co. Tolman P-40-1.


Scott # R64b. Added February 29, 2020


Simon de Visser.


Scott # R24d. Added February 29, 2020


Reconstructed block of 9 of 5-cent Certifcate silk paper, showcasing a large-format flourished '31' processing handstamp cancel.


Scott # RJ7. Added February 29, 2020


Set of high-denomination tobacco sale tax stamps: $1, $2, $5, $10, and $10, in used blocks of four.


Scott # R222. Added February 29, 2020


Used block of 4 showing provisional F.D. (future delivery) handstamps. This provisional handstamp is also found in violet.


Scott # R36b. Added February 29, 2020


Part perforate stamps imperforate vertically tend to be far more scarce than their horizontally imperforate counterparts. However, some are incredibly scarce, and this is one example. To date, I have only been able to find one other reported multiple of R36b imperf vertically, that being a lone strip of three recorded in the Curtis Census. The Scott Catalogue does not currently provide separate values for imperf horizontal vs. vertical part perforates, a long overdue improvement.


Scott # R6c. Added February 29, 2020


J. Norris Greene. Large-format shield handstamp cancel. Subject of photo is Capt. Sidney T. Robinson mustered into the 14th Illinois Cavalry Regiment (Company L) as a Private on Jan. 7, 1863. He was transferred to the 5th U.S. Colored Cavalry Regiment on Dec. 14, 1864 as a First Lieutenant. He left the regiment as a Captain.


Scott # R18c. Added February 29, 2020


Francis Forshew. Large script F monogram handstamp cancel.


Scott # R14c. Added February 28, 2020


Very unusual. This CDV depicts a famous painting, Robert Walter Weir's 'The Embarkation of the Pilgrims', painted in 1857, which currently hangs in the United States Capitol rotunda.


Scott # R162. Added February 15, 2020


Insurance Company of North America. Three 5-cent battleship documentaries along with 1-cent and half-cent battleships, paying 16.5 cents tax on a 1901 insurance policy.


Scott # R6c. Added February 12, 2020


Duncan, Hanna & Codd. Gorgeous two-color billhead with an American Indian vignette. 'Manufacturers and Dealers in Cut, Chewing, Smoking and Plug Tobacco'.


Scott # R29c. Added February 12, 2020


Block of six 5-cent Proprietaries plus 2 singles, used illegally as documentaries, on a portion of a note.


Scott # R36c. Added February 12, 2020


Continental Insurance Co. Insurance policy and wonderfully ornate renewal certificate.


Scott # R27c. Added February 11, 2020


October 1865 guardianship bond with 20 copies of R27c, including a block of 12 and strip of 5. The strip of 5 contains multiple examples with double transfers at bottom.


Scott # R163. Added February 9, 2020


November 1898 bill of lading for transport of 25,000 bushels of oats from Milwaukee, Wisconsin to Buffalo New York, aboard the steamer Mecosta.


Scott # R154. Added February 9, 2020


Charles Kennee & Co. September 1898 bill of lading for 47,350 bushels of barley shipped via the steamer D.C. Whitney from Chicago to Buffalo, New York.


Scott # R163. Added February 9, 2020


Duluth, Missabe & Northern Railway. 1898 bill of lading for 4,419 tons of iron ore to be carried from Duluth, Minnesota to Cleveland, Ohio for the Adams Mining Co., about the steamship Menida (?).


Scott # R163. Added February 8, 2020


Spencer, Moore & Co. Attractive 1898 bill of lading for 25,000 bushels of northern spring wheat sent from Duluth, Minnesota to Buffalo, New York on the steamer Merida.


Scott # R147. Added December 26, 2019


A very meticulously-placed manuscript cancel.


Scott # R14c. Added December 26, 2019


Jeremiah Gurney. A huge jumbo of a stamp.


Scott # R37be. Added December 26, 2019


The Little Schuylkill Navigation Rail Road and Coal Co. Unlisted in Scott. Two R37b singles and a bisected single paying 25 cents tax on a portion of an 1864 stock certificate.


Scott # R36e. Added December 26, 2019


T. G. Emsley, Treasurer. Bisect with bold handstamp cancel, on a fragment of a tax lien document. Here is a photocopy of a complete document showing the other half of the same stamp.


Scott # R15f. Added December 26, 2019


Two document fragments, each with a bisected 2-cent USIR, being two halves of the same stamp. Here is an image of the two halves superimposed, showing that they are both halves of the same stamp.


Scott # R22c. Added December 26, 2019


A. A. Nash. Beautiful horizontal pair with centered handstamp cancel.


Scott # R1b. Added December 26, 2019


Double transfer in both bottom numerals of top stamp. Extremely scarce. DT is not listed in Scott for the part perforate stamp. The catalog value shown above is just for a normal pair.


Scott # R49a. Added December 26, 2019


W.D. Sherrerd. Just a gorgeous example of a steel die oval handstamp cancel.


Scott # R151a. Added December 26, 2019


2002 Philatelic Foundation certificate. Four-margin examples are difficult to find; most examples are considerably off-center.


Scott # R151a. Added December 26, 2019


Inverted center. Four-margin examples are difficult to find; most examples are considerably off-center.


Scott # RB3c. Added December 26, 2019


Sewing machine perforations.


Scott # R155. Added December 18, 2019


Pittsfield Transportation Company. First day of tax usage.


Scott # R29d. Added December 18, 2019


Henry W. Taft, clerk of judicial court. 5-cent Proprietary silk paper on an 1872 affidavit. Silk papers are fairly scarce on document, as you typically can only see the blue threads from the reverse of the stamp, meaning it needs to be lifted from the document. In this case, however, there are at least three blue silk threads visible on the face of the stamp. A wonderful example of a scarce silk paper.


Scott # 73. Added December 18, 2019


A lovely example of the 2-cent Andrew Jackson 'Black Jack'on a probate court receipt for a distribution from an estate.


Scott # R36b. Added December 18, 2019


Two 10-cent Inland Exchange part perforate revenue stamps on 1864 articles of agreement. This is a case where imperforate vertically pert perfs are MUCH more scarce than imperforate horizontally, and are not reflected in the catalog values. This is only the second bona fide example of R36b imperf vertically that I have seen in almost 20 years.


Scott # R15c. Added December 18, 2019


The Neptune Steamship Company. Wonderful stylized signature handstamp cancel on an 1865 payment receipt for freight charges for 138 bales of cotton.


Scott # R155. Added December 18, 2019


German Savings Bank. Very interesting bank check, dated July 2, 1898, but the stamp (tied) is dated July 1, 1898, the first day of the tax. So was this a clerical error, a postdated check, or something else?


Scott # R155. Added December 18, 2019


Banking House of Eavey, Lane & Co. First day of tax usage, July 1, 1898.


Scott # RB27. Added December 18, 2019


Plogmann & Doany ??. An interesting group of 3 checks from the same company, all with illegal uses of proprietaries as documentaries, one with multi-line handstamp cancel, one with manuscript cancel, and one with mixed handstamp and manuscript cancel.


Scott # R15c. Added December 17, 2019


Wm. Barkley, Wholesale Druggist. Ornate large circular handstamp cancel on an 1867 receipt.

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