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These are the newest additions to my collection.

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Scott # RNB13a. Added January 6, 2022


Merchants' National Bank.

Scott # RNB3. Added January 5, 2022


National Bank of North America.

Scott # RNB5. Added January 4, 2022


National Bank of North America. Imprint is in bronze metallic ink.

Scott # RNB5. Added January 4, 2022


National Bank of North America. Imprint is in bronze metallic ink.

Scott # RNK4. Added January 4, 2022


National Bank of the Republic.

Scott # RNG1. Added January 4, 2022


The National Broadway Bank. Account of the American Gas Machine Manufacturing Co.

Scott # RNB3. Added January 4, 2022


National Citizens Bank.

Scott # RNG1. Added January 4, 2022


National City Bank. The word GOLD is printed in gold metallic ink.

Scott # RNB6. Added January 4, 2022


National Park Bank.

Scott # RNB1. Added January 4, 2022


The Pacific National Bank.

Scott # RNG1b. Added January 4, 2022


Bank of Niagara.

Scott # RNB4. Added January 4, 2022


Rockland County National Bank.

Scott # RNC13. Added January 4, 2022


Oliver Stark Banking & Exchange Office.

Scott # RNC1. Added January 3, 2022


National Bank of Salem.

Scott # RNC1. Added January 3, 2022


Cleveland, Columbis, Cincinnati & Indianapolis Railway Co.

Scott # RNX7. Added January 3, 2022


The Cleveland Gas Light and Coke Company.

Scott # RNH3. Added January 3, 2022


Carlisle Deposit Bank.

Scott # RNK6. Added January 3, 2022


Carlisle Deposit Bank.

Scott # RNX7. Added January 3, 2022


Carlisle Deposit Bank.

Scott # RNG1. Added December 27, 2021


Greensburg Banking Company.

Scott # RNB1. Added December 27, 2021


City Bank of Harrisburg.

Scott # RNJ5. Added December 27, 2021


Dauphin Deposit Bank.

Scott # RNC5. Added December 27, 2021


First National Bank.

Scott # RNC1. Added December 27, 2021


First National Bank.

Scott # RNB1. Added December 27, 2021


First National Bank.

Scott # RNB20. Added December 27, 2021


James, Kent, Santee & Co. Receipt from James, Kent, Santee & Co. 'Importers and Wholesale Dealers in Dry Goods.'

Scott # RNI2. Added December 27, 2021


The Bank of North America.

Scott # RNB1. Added December 27, 2021


Corn Exchange National Bank. Wonderful multicolor design with several vignettes on the account of the West Philadelphia Passenger Railway Company.

Scott # RNJ4. Added December 27, 2021


Corn Exchange National Bank. Beautiful two-color check from the account of the West Philadelphia Passenger Railway Company.

Scott # RNH3b. Added December 27, 2021


De Haven & Bro. Double impression of RN imprint. With letter of authenticity from Eric Jackson.

Scott # RNG1. Added December 27, 2021


Lehigh Valley Rail Road Co. Payment voucher from the Pennsylvania and New York Canal and Rail Road Company, to the Lehigh Valley Rail Road Company, via the Girard National Bank.

Scott # RNX7. Added December 27, 2021


The Mitchell Coal & Coke Company. Wonderful mining scene vignette.

Scott # RNI1. Added December 26, 2021


National Bank of Commerce. On the account of the 'Office of the Lehigh Zinc Company'.

Scott # RNG1. Added December 26, 2021


Office of the Pennsylvania Rail Road Co. Four different engraved vignettes.

Scott # RNJ4. Added December 26, 2021


Philadelphia National Bank. Attractive two-color check with vignettes on the account of the 'Office of the Barclay Coal Company'.

Scott # RNFAC. Added December 26, 2021


Sellersville National Bank. Facsimile imprint of the state seal of Pennsylvania on a check from C. G. Barndt & Son, dealers in 'Grain, Flour, Mill Feed, Coal, Hay, Lime, &c.'

Scott # RNG1. Added December 26, 2021


First National Bank of Mauch Chunk. Ornate two-color sight draft with the drawee being the Upper Lehigh Coal Co.

Scott # RNB1. Added December 26, 2021


Fourth National Bank of the City of New York.

Scott # RNN3a. Added December 26, 2021


R.I. Hospital Trust Co. Beautiful hammered embossed cancel on a fairly scarce check with the revenue imprint printed on the reverse.

Scott # RNP5. Added December 26, 2021


South Carolina Rail Road. Railroad scrip taxed as drafts.

Scott # RNFAC. Added December 26, 2021


First National Bank. Type G facsimile imprint.

Scott # RNFAC. Added December 25, 2021


Dakota Loan & Trust Co. G-type facsimile at center.

Scott # RNX7. Added December 25, 2021


The Victoria Elevator Co. Unusual item, with a 2-cent battleship documentary also affixed, either paying a secondary transaction or the clerk did not see the RN imprint. The reverse is blank.

Scott # RNB1. Added December 25, 2021


E.B. Parker & Co. Generic sight draft shown in Castenholz as an 'Inland Exchange' but with a large 'Louisville KY' printed at top center. Used in Paris, TN.

Scott # RNX7. Added December 25, 2021


First National Bank, Successors to Bank of Port Lavaca.

Scott # RNB1. Added December 25, 2021


Merchants National Bank. 1868 draft, with the drawee being the National Bank of Redemption in Boston, Mass.

Scott # RNB24. Added December 25, 2021


Merchants National Bank.

Scott # RND1. Added December 25, 2021


Merchants National Bank. 1872 draft, with the drawee bank being the Merchants Bank of Canada in Montreal, payable in gold coins.

Scott # RNK5. Added December 25, 2021


Bank of Lexington.

Scott # RNG1. Added December 25, 2021


The Citizens Bank of Petersburg.

Scott # RNK6. Added December 25, 2021


Union Bank of WInchester.

Scott # RNX7. Added December 25, 2021


The Central National Bank. Revenue imprint shifted to upper right.

Scott # RNP5. Added December 25, 2021


Wheeling Savings Institution.

Scott # RNB1. Added December 25, 2021


First National Bank.

Scott # RD23a. Added December 18, 2021


Serial number 4, from the first sheet of RD23a, and also the first double transfer position of RD23a.

Scott # R94a. Added November 9, 2021


Horizontal pair with the left stamp exhibiting the Scott-listed double transfer.

Scott # D1. Added November 9, 2021


John L. Yates, County Clerk. While the strip of 5 of R197 or R208 is interesting, it is the additional usage of the large format Virginia notary stamp (SRC #D1) that is of note here. On-document usages are quite scarce, with populations in the double digits, and usages in conjunction with federal revenues are virtually unheard of, this being one of only two thus far reported. The catalog value listed above is for the notary stamp off document.

Scott # RD1. Added November 9, 2021


Abraham & Co. Infinitely more scarce than the nominal used catalogue value would imply, examples of Scott # RD1 on document are virtually impossible to find. Very rare.

Scott # R6c. Added November 4, 2021


USPS. 2-cent orange Bank Check used illegally as postage on a cover going from New Albany to Fort Wayne, Indiana. It was canceled, caught, correct postage affixed, and then canceled again. The lower-left circular handstamp as well as the bullseye tying the revenue stamp both run underneath the postage stamp, with the right circular handstamp subsequently struck after the postage stamp was affixed. Reduced at right.

Scott # 267a. Added October 9, 2021


Bank of Ellensburg. 2-cent George Washington Bureau definitive used illegally as a revenue stamp on a check from The Cloverdale Creamery in Ellensburg, Washington, the check written June 30, 1898, the day before the tax went into effect, presented for payment on July 1, the first day of tax. A beautiful illegal/improper first day usage.

Scott # R48c. Added October 8, 2021


George S. Porter, Port Warden. A very scarce document type, an 1864 port warden's certificate from San Francisco. Secondary certification transaction on the reverse with an R27b part perf.

Scott # R154. Added October 8, 2021


United States Express Co. Tattered 2-sided receipt book page from the United States Express Co. with each side showing 5 examples of R154, each with a bold large-format 'USX' multi-line handstamp cancel. Additional handstamp at upper right reading 'From Iowa Domestic Medicine Co. Iowa City, Iowa'.

Scott # R168. Added October 7, 2021


The Bank of Charleson. Block of 4 of the 10-cent battleship documentary plus a 2-cent battleship featuring a fancy bold multiline handstamp cancel, paying the tax on an 1899 promissory note.

Scott # R167. Added October 7, 2021


The Mexican Telephone Co. 5-cent, 1-cent, and 25-cent battleship documentaries paying the tax on a stock transfer of shares in the Mexican Telephone Company.

Scott # R23c. Added October 7, 2021


Henry D. Barto & Co's Bank. The document itself is a bit worse for wear, printed on a translucent tissue paper, but the shield handstamp cancel is lovely.

Scott # R164p. Added October 7, 2021


USPS. 2-cent battleship documentary used illegally as postage on a 1923 cover from Nome Alaska to San Fancirco, California.

Scott # R15c. Added October 6, 2021


J. McManus & Co. Ornate boxed handstamp cancel on an 1865 receipt for 4 stoves and metal castings.

Scott # R86a. Added October 6, 2021


$3 Manifest imperforate plus $5 Mortgage perforated and a pair of $1 Conveyance perforated, paying $10 tax on an 1864 Ohio warranty deed.

Scott # RB45. Added October 1, 2021


Full gum mint never hinged block of 4 of the Scott-listed double impression ('kiss impression' technically). You can see a faint magenta cancel at the right edge of the right 2 stamps, so presumably these were precanceled.

Scott # R84d. Added October 1, 2021


Considerably more scarce than the Scott value difference from R84c would imply, in my opinion. No image of the back of the stamp needed, as there are two large blue silk threads visible on the face, one in Washington's hair at right and one in the second E of REVENUE at bottom.

Scott # R15c. Added September 30, 2021


Kennedy & Mallon. Attractive billhead from Kennedy & Mallon, 'Choice Family Groceries, Wines & Liquors' in Virginia, Nevada, featuring both a 2c USIR documentary as well as a Nevada state tax stamps. Most Nevada state tax revenues are found on checks or high-dollar industrial transactions, e.g., mortgages. You don't see many of the mundane day-to-day documents (receipts, invoices, legal documents) that are so often seen with federal revenues affixed.

Scott # R164. Added September 30, 2021


Little Miami Railroad Co. 1899 stock certificate for 1 share of the Little Miami Railroad Co. Nice embossed seal depicting a train.

Scott # R20c. Added September 26, 2021


W. Grove & Co. Tattered and torn, but incredibly scarce. An 1863 first bill of exchange, Havana Cuba, drawn on a party in New York, in the amount of $1,400. Taxed 14 cents (short-lived Inland Exchange 1863 rate of 2c per $200), with Cuba 1 escudo Giro ('Draft') tax paid in 1868 to ensure legality in a long-running legal action (specifics courtesy of Mike Mahler).

Scott # R44c. Added September 6, 2021


St. Louis, Vandalia, & Terre Haute Rail Road Co. Interesting stock certificate, taxed when issued in 1871 and subsequently in 1899 when redeemed/transferred.

Scott # R155. Added September 6, 2021


Caledonian Insurance Co. Very attractive first day of tax usage on an insurance policy. The correct tax for the transaction was 28.5 cents, so this overpaid the tax by a half cent, thus corroborrating the shortage of half-cent battleship documentaries at the beginning of the tax period. Large-format first-day documents are quite scarce.

Scott # RB21. Added September 6, 2021


Hartford Fire Insurance Co. Horizontal pair of quarter-cent proprietary battleships, used improperly to make the half-cent component of a 2.5-cent rate on a fire insurance policy. Despite Hartford being a fairly large company, they must have run out of the half-cent documentary battleships.

Scott # RF1. Added September 5, 2021


Robert Bell's Sons. 2-cent Playing Cards used improperly on an 1899 bank check. All known examples are from this company.

Scott # 267. Added September 4, 2021


Boise City National Bank. 2-cent Bureau definitive used improperly on an October 1898 Boise City, Idaho bank check.

Scott # RB27. Added September 4, 2021


Jonestown Bank. 2-cent Proprietary battleship used improperaly as a documentary on a bank check, caught by the receiving bank when deposited and a precanceled 2-cent Documentary battleship affixed over the original. See matching bank cancel on the reverse.

Scott # R13c. Added July 25, 2021


George C. Goodwin & Co. Very dramatic all over double transfer, unlisted in Scott, plate position unknown. Almost all lettering, numerals, and frame elements are doubled to some extent.

Scott # R30c. Added July 25, 2021


3 huge jumbo margins.

Scott # R78a. Added July 25, 2021


E & Co.

Scott # R11c. Added July 25, 2021


N. O. Johnson. Very unusual handstamp cancel with curved ERIE in the center. Business is either N.O. JOHNSON or N.Q. JOHNSON, I cannot tell which.

Scott # R259. Added July 25, 2021


Very scarce block of 4. Scott lists but does not price the block of 4 either mint or used. The catalog value above is for 4 singles. This is the first block I have ever seen.

Scott # R183. Added July 25, 2021


Horizontal pair. Fairly scarce in multiples.

Scott # R140. Added July 25, 2021


Very large margins. A bit muddy impression, but appears to have doubling in 1st and 3rd stars at top.

Scott # R1a. Added July 25, 2021


Enormous jumbo! Parts of adjacent stamps can be seen at top and left.

Scott # RE15a. Added July 25, 2021


Right margin example of this double impression. All known examples have the same manuscript cancel.

Scott # R36d. Added July 25, 2021


Scott # R140. Added July 25, 2021


Double transfer in top stars, position ??.

Scott # R229. Added July 25, 2021


USPS. 2-cent documentary paying the parcel post tax on a cloth parcel tag from the Frankford Arsenal in Philadelphia.

Scott # R154. Added July 24, 2021


Southern Pacific Co., Sunset Route. Bill of lading.

Scott # R12c. Added July 22, 2021


Very scarce pair of 2c Playing Cards in orange. Only the tenth reported multiple of any size. Appears to be from the same sheet and canceled by the same hand as this pair.

Scott # R52c. Added July 20, 2021


Eagle White Lead Co. Solo use of 30c Inland Exchange correctly paying the tax on an 1869 payment note.

Scott # R13c. Added July 17, 2021


Block of 4 with multiple minor double transfers throughout. Top 2 stamps are canceled with magenta X's, the bottom 2 stamps not canceled. They appear to be precancels of some sort, as all 4 stamps have full gum.

Scott # R118. Added July 17, 2021


Pacific Mail Steamship Co. Two partial strikes of handstamps from the Pacific Mail Steamship RISING STAR. If the strikes were complete, this would be a $150-250 item.

Scott # R13c. Added July 17, 2021


Plate cracks or inking anomalies at right.

Scott # R113. Added July 17, 2021


Double transfer in top stars, plate position 47; the boldest of several plate positions exhibiting double transfers in the stars.

Scott # R164. Added March 23, 2021


USPS. 2-cent battleship documentary used illegally as postage on an 1899 cover addressed to the Risdon Iron Works in San Francisco, caught and held for postage. It appears that there may have been a postage stamp affixed over the auxiliary markings, but got lost somewhere along the way.

Scott # R25c. Added March 19, 2021


L. Millsner & Co., pawnbroker. Pawn tickets from the Civil War era are incredibly rare, with currently only 14 reported examples. No one saved them, as they were only needed until pawned items were retrieved. Of the 14 known examples, this is the only example not from New York City or Philadelphia. The other 13 examples have loan periods ranging from 4 months to 1 year, whereas the loan period for this pawn was an incredibly short 1-day loan for $300, which was a huge sum at that time.

Scott # 279B. Added February 28, 2021


Maine State Grange. 2-cent Washington used illegally as a revenue stamp on a National Shoe & Leather Bank check, caught, and a 2-cent battleship documentary subsequently affixed to legitimately pay the tax.

Scott # 268. Added February 28, 2021


S. L. Wadsworth.

A check on the Frontier National Bank in Eastport, Maine, dated July 6, 1898, with bisected 3-cent (Scott #268) and 1-cent (Scott #279) bureau issues improperly paying the 2 cent tax (1.5 cents + 0.5 cents = 2 cents). Across the pair of bisects is a manuscript cancel reading 'I.R. SLW & Son 7/6/98'.

S.L. Wadsworth & Son was ship chandlery established in Eastport in 1818 and still exists as a hardware store today.

While the assumption is that this piece is philatelic rather than commercial, arguments can be made as to why it MIGHT be a legitimate improper usage (that might sound like a bit of an oxymoron, but what I mean is an illegal usage done out of expediency or to defraud the government rather than a collector's creation).

  1. The date July 6, 1898 is very early in the taxation period, which is when the majority of legit illegal/improper usages are found, before ample supply of revenue stamps were delivered to more remote areas.
  2. Eastport Maine is a very remote location, the easternmost city/town in the United States, consisting entirely of islands.

Scott # R17c. Added February 28, 2021


Giles Bishop. Wonderfully centered 3-cent Playing Cards on a CDV. There appear to be plate scratches across the top. I'm looking for a confirming example with the same scratches, so please contact me if you have seen one.

Scott # R94c. Added February 20, 2021


Top frame line doubled, currently not listed in Scott, but confirming examples exist.

Scott # R35c. Added February 7, 2021


Gorgeous jumbo margins and well centered.

Scott # R70c. Added February 5, 2021


Extremely dry (underinked) plate.

Scott # R76a. Added February 4, 2021


Right frame line doubled.

Scott # R337. Added February 4, 2021


USPS. 2-cent series 1942 red documentary used illegally as postage on a 1944 commercial cover from the Merchants Fire Assurance Corporation of New York to the Collector of Internal Revenue. Mid-20th century nonphilatelic illegal use covers are quite scarce.

Scott # R113. Added January 31, 2021


Double transfer in all 6 stars at top. One of 5 plate positions exhibiting the double transfer, this one is the second most bold, plate position 92. Unlisted in Scott.

Scott # R116. Added January 31, 2021


Foreign entry, design of 70c. Plate position 51.

Scott # R123. Added January 31, 2021


Double transfer in top margin, plate position 42. Not listed in Scott.

Scott # R115. Added January 31, 2021


Horizontal pair with left stamp showing a double transfer at the base of the letters in the top scroll.

Scott # R66a. Added January 31, 2021


Interestingly, in addition to the right frame line doubled, there is also a stray vertical line going up through the lower right numeral.

Scott # R72c. Added January 31, 2021


Dodge & Stevenson. Diagonal plate scratch at bottom. Need confirming example and plate position.

Scott # R27c. Added January 22, 2021


Horizontal strip of 4, each with large margins and choice centering.

Scott # R7a. Added January 22, 2021


Long vertical plate scratch at left.

Scott # R154. Added January 22, 2021


1-cent I.R. provisional overprint block of 15, used on the first day of tax, July 1, 1898.

Scott # R15c. Added January 17, 2021


Vineland Fruit Preserving Co. Wonderful typeset printed cancel on an 1867 bank check.

Scott # RB4a. Added January 17, 2021


N. W. M.

Scott # RB16b. Added January 17, 2021


M.F. Milward.

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