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Scott # R71c. Added January 16, 2024


Horizontal pair with very crisp impression, the left stamp exhibiting a horizontal plate scratch running through Washington's hair, proceding part of the way into the right stamp.

Scott # R15c. Added January 16, 2024


McNeely & Co. Lovely 1866 two-color check with background vignette of various animals. McNeely & Co. was a tannery and manufacturer of various animal skins, parchment, vellum, etc.

Scott # R24c. Added January 16, 2024


Chenango County Clerk's Office. 1868 certificate of citizenship, where someone drew the name 'John T. Brownson' in multiple colored inks, simulating a 3D typography effect... a lot of effort for a legal document. Also note the dual-date formatting, indicating not only the calendar year, but also 'the year of our Independence the ninety second' since 1776.

Scott # RB26p. Added January 3, 2024


Mint never hinged full gum block of four. Catalogue value shown is for a hinged block of four. Scott does not price NH revenues.

Scott # R44c. Added January 3, 2024


New England Screw Steamship Co. Lovely 1866 stock certificate with a steamship vignette and a bold company seal also depicting a steamship.

Scott # R155. Added January 1, 2024


German Exchange Bank. Unusual document that cannot actually exist. Check dated June 6, 1898, with stamp canceled same date. The only problem is that the tax didn't go into effect until July 1, so there would have been no reason to tax this check, nor would there have been revenue stamps available on June 6. The most likely story is that the check writer forgot that the month had changed and wrote June instead of July. The check was actually written on July 6, 1898, which places it within the tax period and aligns with the processing handstamp on the reverse. Still, a fun and interesting item.

Scott # R32e. Added January 1, 2024


Palmer & Johnson. A virtually impossible (certainly improbable) and fantastic combination of document attributes: dual-nation stamped document + revenue bisect. Top half of unidentified bisected 10c revenue stamp tied across the cut by Apr. 12, 1870 datestamp on foreign bill of exchange, drawn in Liverpool, Nova Scotia for $25.00 in gold and payable in Boston Mass., 2c Nova Scotia Bill Stamp paying the proper Canadian tax, entered the United States via the banking house of Palmer & Johnson in Bangor Me. Five cents was the proper tax for this document. Ex-Bleckwenn.

Scott # R15c. Added January 1, 2024


C. F. Adae. Oversized document of foreign exchange printed entirely in French, dated March 1869, with U.S. revenue stamp tied via handstamp cancel on obverse, and French revenue stamp on reverse. Scarce dual-country stamped document.

Scott # R4a. Added January 1, 2024


Lovely vertical pair. Multiples are relatively scarce. Ex-Bleckwenn.

Scott # R73c. Added December 26, 2023


Horizontal strip of four, a very scarce multiple. Catalogue value shown is for two pairs.

Scott # R22c. Added November 12, 2023


Cavaroc & Co. Liquor dealers. Double transfer prominent at top and lower right.

Scott # R3c. Added October 31, 2023


C. O. Benton. Counterfeit Benton's Pine Tree Tar Troches pictoral cancel, first discovered and written about in 1997. In addition to the relatively coarse impression, there are several design differences between this and the real cancel, most notably (1) the word TREE at right runs right into the 68, whereas on the real cancel there is a large amount of space between the two design elements, and (2) the right stem of the second N in BENTON's is much longer than on the real cancel. Even as a fake cancel, it is quite scarce, with less than 10 examples known.

Scott # 562. Added October 29, 2023


20th century illegal/improper usages are much less common than their 19th century counterparts. This is an improper use of a 10-cent James Monroe issue of 1923 on a voting proxy/power of attorney document.

Scott # R21c. Added October 29, 2023


Thomas Groom & Co. Very rare negative eagle handstamp cancel, one of only 4 known examples across all stamp denominations, all of which are faulty. Stamp has been repaired and reperfed. Thomas Groom & Co. was a stationer and importer of De La Rue playing cards.

Scott # R13d. Added October 29, 2023


Wright & Siddall. Very scarce cancel for 'Dr. Fitler's Carminative for Infants and Adults. Price 35 Cts.' on a fairly scarce 1st issue silk paper.

Scott # R3d. Added October 29, 2023


Harvey Scovil. 7-line printed cancel reading 'Scovil's Worm Killer. Christie's Ague Balm. Dr. Bicknell's Bitters. 1870' on 1st issue silk paper.

Scott # RB11b. Added October 29, 2023


World's Central Laboratory. Extremely rare cancel. Manufacturer of Father Arent's Rheumatic Plaster.

Scott # R22b. Added October 29, 2023


J.F. Henry & Co. Vertical pair, both with handstamp cancels.

Scott # RB14b. Added October 29, 2023


Hamlin's Wizard Oil Company. Interesting and scarce 4-line cancel. The grayness of the ink as well as the edges initially caused me to believe it a counterfeit cancel, but per Mike Morrissey, it matches an example in his collection, and he believes it legitimate.

Scott # RB2a. Added October 29, 2023


Walker & Taylor. 8-line typeset cancel that reads 'SLOAN'S Condition Powder, Horse Ointment, Family Ointment, Instant Relief. WALKER & TAYLOR.' Seen far more frequently on the 1-cent denomination than on the 2-cent.

Scott # R11c. Added October 29, 2023


Beautiful negative CB monogram handstamp with exterior double dotted circle. The previous owner attributed the cancel to Charles Bartlet, but I believe that to be inaccurate. Bruce Baryla included an example of this cancel in his CD-ROM reference on Civil War photographer cancels, as he had an example on an unmarked CDV, so it is likely a photographer, but we just don't know whom.

Scott # R6c. Added October 29, 2023


J. B. Wilder & Co. Pictoral cancel very similar to the famous Poland's Magic Powders cancel.

Scott # R3c. Added October 29, 2023


N. J. Beers' Drug Store. Not 100% sure of the cancel attribution, as the only reference I could find containing some of the phrases in the cancel was an 1881 issue of the Yale Banner.

Scott # R3c. Added October 29, 2023


Pettit & Barker. Multiline handstamp on 1-cent Proprietary affixed to piece of original packaging for 'Dr. J. Pettit's American Eye Salve' with wonderful logo and branding.

Scott # R22c. Added October 28, 2023


W. H. Jessup & Co.

Scott # R22c. Added October 28, 2023


G B & C ???. Just a gorgeous stamp and cancel with wonderful color contrast. Company unattributed. Double transfer at lower right.

Scott # R5c. Added October 28, 2023


Charles E. Abbott, M.D. Gorgeous full strike on piece.

Scott # R3c. Added October 28, 2023


Y C ???. Horizontal pair with unusual unattributed 'YC' circular handstamps with what appear to be Asian characters.

Scott # R3d. Added October 28, 2023


Cook ???. Wonderful stylized 'Cook" pictoral cancel on silk paper. Blue threads visible on both front and back of stamp.

Scott # RB14b. Added October 28, 2023


H. J & L. JG&L stencil without the month and day slug in the center.

Scott # RB4a. Added October 27, 2023


L. Gross & Co. Dr. Henley's Wild Grape Root IXL Bitters was first introduced to the public in 1868 under the flag of L. Gross & Company at 518 Front Street in San Francisco.

Scott # RB14a. Added October 26, 2023


What appears to be a meticulous little manusacript cancel is actually a printed or handstamped cancel, as I have now seen identical versions in different ink colors, all with the exact same strokes, which would not be the case on a true handwrtten cancel. Unsure of exact attribution... P?rley Jeff**s.

Scott # RB1a. Added October 22, 2023


W. Y. L. & Co. Unusual multiline handstamp with the second and third lines in a script font.

Scott # R18d. Added October 22, 2023


A. H. K.

Scott # R13e. Added October 22, 2023


Israel Whitney Lyon. Tattered but scarce stamp and cancel. Manufacturer of 'Dr. I. W. Lyon's perfect Tooth Powder.'

Scott # R13c. Added October 18, 2023


A. W. Bird. Diminuitive circular handstamp with NY in center.

Scott # RB13b. Added October 18, 2023


Nathan Van Beil & Co. Manufacturers of 'Rye and Rock' proprietary medicine, which consisted of large sugar crystals dissolved in rye whiskey. These are fairly common cancels on the 2nd issue proprietary stamps, but these are interesting in that they show that the sheets were run through the printing press applying the cancels twice, at odd angles.

Scott # RB13b. Added October 16, 2023


Nathan Van Beil & Co. Manufacturers of 'Rye and Rock' proprietary medicine, which consisted of large sugar crystals dissolved in rye whiskey. These are fairly common cancels on the 2nd issue proprietary stamps, but these are interesting in that they show that the sheets were run through the printing press applying the cancels twice, at odd angles.

Scott # R3c. Added October 13, 2023


Glenn & Co. Delicate complete original powder box of 'Glenn's Lily White for the Complexion.' Extremely scarce.

Scott # 86. Added October 8, 2023


S. A. Swenson. Vertical pair, either Scott #86 (E grill) or #92 (F grill) used improperly as revenues on a March 1869 draft. While the stamps themselves have condition issues, this is an incredibly scarce piece. Not just because grilled issues used improperly as revenue stamps are very uncommon, but also in the fact that it is a Texas usage. Revenue stamped Texas documents from the Civil War era are very scarce, as there were not yet any major population centers in Texas at this time, so very few documents survived.

Scott # 63. Added October 8, 2023


Horizontal pair used improperly as revenues on an 1867 receipt.

Scott # 112. Added October 8, 2023


Thomas Myler. Vertical pair of 1869 1c Ben Franklin, used improperly as revenue stamps on document. Very rare, one of only two reported pairs used as revenue stamps.

Scott # 73. Added October 8, 2023


Souther, Flint & Co. 2-cent 'Black Jack' used improperly as a revenue stamp on a merchant billhead. Undated.

Scott # R115a. Added October 8, 2023


Second issue inverted center on an 1871 mortgage deed. Very scarce on document, with less than 10 examples reported.

Scott # RE132. Added August 6, 2023


One of the key values to a wine revenue stamp collection. Extremely scarce.

Scott # R3c. Added August 6, 2023


J. W. Tufts. Scarce rimless circle handstamp on matching partial box lid for TUFTS LOZENGES. James W. Tufts of Tufts, Grosvenor & Co., which was founded in 1870.

Scott # R3c. Added July 30, 2023


Unattributed large-format retailer printed cancel on R3c on original box of 'Novelty Plaster Works White Felt Medicated Corn Plaster' that also features a beautiful adhesive label from E.W. Hoyt & Co. Beautiful piece! This piece is referenced in Mike Morrisey's catalogue of properietary printed cancels (2023), as an example of an overall printed precancel, as it is not tied to the product.

Scott # R47a. Added July 29, 2023


Horizontal strip of 8 on an 1863 indenture. Per the Curtis Collection Census of Revenue Multiples now maintained by Siegel Auctions, this strip is far and away the largest reported multiple of R47a, with the next largest being a single damaged block of 4 and one strip of 5.

Scott # R19c. Added April 30, 2023


R. Krause. 3c Telegraph on a billhead, overpaying the 2c tax.

Scott # R14c. Added April 30, 2023


William Shew. Scarce California usage.

Scott # R14c. Added April 30, 2023


Whitney & Beckwith. Lovely 4-margin example of R14c with bold W&B handtsamp cancel on a CDV.

Scott # R87c. Added April 25, 2023


Charles Luling & Co. R87c and R68c paying $4.50 tax on an 1869 first of exchange for 'nine thousand dollars in gold' originating in Havana, Cuba.

Scott # R30c. Added April 25, 2023


L. von Hoffman & Co. Unsevered second and third of foreign exchange for 2,000 francs, each with 6c and 2c revenue stamps paying tax on the transaction.

Scott # R32a. Added April 25, 2023


Charles P. Persuhn. R32a with large margins on a January 1863 bill of lading (early matching usage) for barrels of produce and other goods bound for Curacao on the brig Alby. Large blue 'WEIGHT & CONTENTS UNKNOWN' handstamp at lower left.

Scott # R78a. Added April 25, 2023


T. P. Howell & Co. Horizontal pair of R78a along with a single R54c paying tax on an August 1863 promissory note.

Scott # RG22. Added April 25, 2023


Now listed in Scott but unvalued, the first legitimate example known of the major double transfer on RG22 (a second example has now been confirmed as of late 2023). Catalogue value shown is that of the normal RG22.

Scott # R1b. Added April 25, 2023


Intact top margin block of twelve. Catalogue value is for three blocks of four. Currently the second largest intact (non-rejoined) multiple of R1b.

Scott # R24c. Added April 25, 2023


Samuel Fridenberg's Eagle Loan Office. Tattered, but it exists. Pawn tickets from the Civil War tax period are exceedingly rare, with less than 20 examples known.

Scott # R100d. Added April 25, 2023


Chicago, Burlington & Quincy Railroad Co. Solo usage on a small-format promissary note. Unusual, as most uses are on large-format deeds and other business documents. Several blue threads apparent on the face of the stamp.

Scott # 113. Added April 1, 2023


Illegal/improper usage of 2-cent horse and rider (Scott #113) postage stamp as a revenue on 1870 estate receipt.

Catalogue value shown is for normal postal use on cover.

Scott # R15c. Added April 1, 2023


Second National Bank. R15c with socked-on-the-nose handstamp cancel, on a lovely bicolor ornately-engraved 1868 interest certificate.

Scott # R100c. Added March 26, 2023


R100c, R98c and two R81d silk papers on 1870 Massachusetts mortgage.

Scott # R59a. Added March 26, 2023


Four R59a singles on a January 1863 Indiana mortgage, an early matching usage (EMU).

Scott # R87c. Added March 24, 2023


R87c and R96c paying $13.50 tax on an 1868 Ohio quit claim deed.

Scott # R30c. Added March 24, 2023


Unusual 'wallpaper' of overlapping R30c and R20c on an 1866 Iowa real estate indenture. Such ovelapping of revenue stamps was nominally illegal, but typically permitted. Eleven R30c + five R20c + 2 R1c paying 88 cents tax.

Scott # RG79. Added March 19, 2023


District Director Internal Revenue. 1958 memorandum of transfer of an interest in silver bullion with numerous silver tax stamps (RG63, RG65, RG67, RG70, RG124, and RG79) paying the 50% tax on profits. Quite scarce, not just for the RG79 ($60 denomination which constitutes $750 catalog value) but also the RG63 (8c denomination) which is not valued used in Scott. Because the tax rate was so high, low-denomination values are not frequently found on document.

Scott # R113. Added March 19, 2023


Superb example with jumbo margins. Just the faintest trace of a blue handstamp cancel.

Scott # R9a. Added March 16, 2023


Second National Bank. Beautiful XF example with large margins, exhibiting same plate scratch (lower right numeral) as is found on R9c and R10c.

Scott # R15e. Added March 16, 2023


1991 PSE certificate listing Eric Jackson, Richard Friedberg, and Robert Cunliffe as expertizers. Blunted upper left corner, but incredibly scarce stamp regardless, with only 26 reported examples of the stamp.

Scott # R144. Added February 25, 2023


Pacific Mail Steamship Co. Beautiful stamp with large XF margins, featuring 3 strikes of a very scarce handstamp cancel from the Pacific Mail Steamship Co. ship 'HENRY CHAUNCEY'.

Scott # RB1a. Added February 11, 2023


Bowles Brothers & Co. A one of a kind document: an unsevered 1872 Second and Third of Exchange from the 'Triple-Currency Exchange', Bowles Brothers & Co., a rarely-seen banking entity on foreign exchange documents. It contains two sets of R109, R137, and RB1a, each set paying the correct 16 cents tax. Unusual not only in that the document is printed in multiple inks, but for my purposes in that it features two RB1a used improperly as documentaries on the reverse, both tied by herringbone cancels. Also, it contains one stamp from each of the three bi-colored revenue stamp series of the era: second issue documentary, third issue documentary, and first-issue proprietary... a virtually impossible combination.

Scott # R6c. Added February 11, 2023


Glidden & Williams Line of California Packets. 1866 bill of lading from the steamship company 'Glidden & Williams.' Bills of lading typically weren't printed in multiple inks, let alone metallic ink. The gold is bright and reflective; more beautiful in hand than the image implies.

Scott # R3c. Added February 10, 2023


Williams Homeopathic Pharmacy. Very unusual ornate proprietary medicine handstamp cancel. Too bad the strike isn't more robust.

Scott # R15c. Added October 26, 2022


Documents featuring both U.S. and non-U.S. revenue stamps are fairly scarce, the vast majority being Spanish American War period or later. Civil War period documents in this category stray into 'rare' territory. This is a very delicate 1870 Mexican bill of exchange with imprinted revenue stamp (renta papel sellado), also with two R15c affixed, presumably when it was presented for payment in Galveston, Texas. The imprinted revenue is #870.45 in Donald O. Scott & Frank A. Sternad The Revenue Stamped Paper of Mexico 1821-187. Currently the only reported U.S.-Mexico dual taxed document from the Civil War period.

Scott # DI13. Added October 26, 2022


E. Ruhling & Co. A large format (approximately 14-in x 6-in) 'Memorandum of Gold and Silver Bullion' from the Assay Office of E. Ruhling & Co. in Gold Hill, Nevada, recorded June 18, 1868. The stamp, sadly somewhat damaged, is State Revenue Catalog #DI-13, compound roulette 10x15.

Mike Mahler, in his article in the August 2019 issue of American Stamp Dealer & Collector magazine, displays an identical document dated several weeks prior (although he says his example is rouletted 10, not compound), and states the following:

Figure 6 shows a June 1868 report of E. Ruhling & Co. in Gold Hill, the sister city of Virginia City, in the heart of the Comstock, also stamped with the 5-cent dark green rouletted 10. The many details show that 1,006 ounces of 'Petaluma Mill slum,' evidently a bullion bar, was 96.7% silver, worth $1,231.67, and 2% gold for another $407.24, total $1,638.91 before the small loss in assaying. The eye-catching magenta-and-blue printing is probably explained by the imprint 'Trespass Print - Virginia, Nevada.' The shortlived Daily Trespass, published February 1867-October 1868, was named tongue-incheek by owner William J. Forbes, acutely aware that he was 'trespassing' in a field dominated by the celebrated Virginia City Territorial Enterprise. In a competitive job printing market, Forbes evidently offered Ruhling & Co. bicolored printing as an inducement to land the firm's business. This is the sole-recorded example of this remarkable form.

Scott # 720. Added October 26, 2022


William J. Claus, Notary Public. Mid-20th century improper usages of postage stamps as revenues are increibly rare, much more so than 19th century examples. This is a 1934 quit-claim deed, with $4 of revenue stamps affixed and initialed by the original signer of the document. Then there is a pair of the 1932 3-cent Washington definitive (Scott #720) affixed by the notary public listed on the second page. Because the cancels on the 3-cent Washingtons match the initials of the notary rather than that of the original signer, presumably ths 6 cents was intended to pay the fee for notarizing the document (3 cents per signer). The Washington pair is a partial plate number imprint capture to boot! Interesting to note that it took a year before the deed was actually recorded.

Scott # R164. Added October 25, 2022


Notary Public. Very unusual 'deed of stock brand', the first I have seen, transferring the rights to a cattle brand, showing the actual brand symbol.

Scott # R168p. Added October 25, 2022


Notary Public. Cemetary deed from the Pond Creek Cemetary Association, in the Oklahoma Territory prior to it beomcing a state.

Scott # R46c. Added October 22, 2022


Des Moines Gold Mining Co. of Colorado. Very delicate stock certificate printed on thin translucent paper.

Scott # R44c. Added October 22, 2022


Gunnell Central Gold Co. of Colorado. Fragile stock certificate printed on thin translucent paper like tissue paper.

Scott # 113. Added October 22, 2022


Rose, Dinsmore, & Co. 1870 receipt, with 2-cent tax initially paid by the supplier (Rose, Dinsmore & Co., manufacturer of railway car springs) on February 2, improperly using a 2-cent horse and rider (Scott #113). When it reached the (audit?) office of the New York Central Railroad on February 25, a revenue stamp was properly affixed. Very scarce; currently the only reported example of both a #113 and revenue stamp on the same document.

Scott # 286. Added October 22, 2022


Drovers & Mechanics National Bank. 2-cent Trans-Mississippi used improperly as revenue on a check written on the account of J. C. Heckert, 'manufacturer of fine domestic cigars, and dealer in leaf tobacco.'

Scott # 73. Added October 22, 2022


W. P. Murray & Co. 2-cent Black Jack used improperly on a billhead from W. P. Murray & Co., 'refiners and dealers in carbon and lubricating oils, wool oil, tar, spirits of naptha, prepared benzole, &c.'

Scott # 65. Added October 22, 2022


Doubly illegal: 3-cent Washington improperly paying the tax, and short-paying the tax owed (should have been 5 cents).

Scott # RB27. Added October 22, 2022


USPS. Improper use of proprietary battleship revenue as postage on an in-period cover. WHile the cover itself is nondescript, the proprietary battleships are seen improperly used far less frequently than their documentary counterparts.

Scott # R184. Added October 22, 2022


Choctaw, Oklahoma and Gulf Railroad Co. Stock certificate featuring a detailed mining vignette at bottom center, stamp canceled by Toland Brothers. & Co.

Scott # R638. Added October 22, 2022


Solo use of 1953 $2.75 denomination, not frequently seen on documents, along with two Pennsylvania state real estate transfer tax stamps.

Scott # R9c. Added October 20, 2022


Marcus L. Ward. Check with very interesting red 'SOLDIERS PAY' handstamp. Marcus L. Ward, later governor of the state of New Jersey, per Wikipedia ( Ward devised and managed one of the first systems in New Jersey for enabling soldiers to set aside monthly allotments of their pay for delivery to their families and gained the nickname “the soldiers' friend.” It is conceivable that this document is from that effort.

Scott # R15c. Added October 20, 2022


Charles W. Stevens. 'Manufacturer of solid black walnut mouldings, walnut & gilt ovals, walnut mirror frames, oval and square picture frames, gilt, rosewood and gilt mouldings, also wholesale dealer in photographic material'

Scott # R15c. Added October 20, 2022


Sanford's Independent Line. Freight receipt for goods carried aboard the steamer KATAHDIN. While the handstamp cancel at top does not tie the stamp, it's nice to have a full strike of the steamship cancel.

Scott # R152b. Added October 20, 2022


The Bismarck National Bank. Check from 'The Bismarck National Bank, successor to Bank of Bismarck' in the Dakota Territories. Documents from territories prior to their becoming states are fairly scarce.

Scott # R15c. Added October 20, 2022


First National Bank. Just a lovely vignette at left.

Scott # R21c. Added October 20, 2022


Lawrence & Cohen. Typeset (printed) provisional playing card company cancel, incredibly scarce on the 4-cent Playing Cards. Were it not for the condition issues, this would be a very valuable piece (a nicer-condition example sold for over $1,000 on Stamp Auction Network in 2019).

Scott # R68c. Added October 19, 2022


Pacific Mail Steamship Co. Single strike from the Pacific Mail steamship Oregonian. This ship used a straightline cancel with a large block sans-serif font, unlike the other ships, which used a thinner serifed font.

Scott # R116. Added October 19, 2022


Foreign entry, design of 70c at top. Plate position 31.

Scott # R118. Added October 19, 2022


B & R. Gorgeous socked-on-the-nose handstamp cancel with the red perfectly contrasting the blue and black of the underlying stamp.

Scott # R45d. Added October 19, 2022


Scott # R3d. Added August 7, 2022


Lee & Munson. Lee & Munson JOKES breath perfume handstamp cancel dated 1869, but stamp is clearly a silk paper with multiple blue threads apparent on both sides of the stamp. The silk paper did not exist prior to early-mid 1870, but it was not uncommon for users of proprietary cancels to use the same cancel for extended periods of time, so this cancel could easily have been used into 1870.

Scott # 65. Added July 30, 2022


A one-of-a-kind piece, a complete bottom margin plate block of 16 used improperly as revenue stamps.

Scott # R15c. Added July 24, 2022


The Franklin Bank of Cincinnati. Doubling showing in lettering at bottom.

Scott # R164. Added May 22, 2022


Crocker & Co., Bankers. Nice large-format oval bank handstamp cancel.

Scott # R164p. Added May 22, 2022


Jas. B. Haines & Sons. Block of 4 plus a single. Very unusual document. Not only is the date of the cancel two plus years PRIOR to the date the document was written, but the anti-protest clause at right is overly dramatic, encouraging the bank to 'PUSH VIGOROUSLY' for payment.

Scott # R164. Added May 21, 2022


Farmers National Bank.

Scott # R155. Added May 21, 2022


Pleasant Valley Wine Co. Lovely sight draft with vignette.

Scott # R140. Added May 21, 2022


Double transfer in stars, plate position as yet unidentified.

Scott # R1c. Added May 21, 2022


USPS. A strip of three 1-cent Express (R1c) used illegally as postage, caught and a 6-cent penalty (double the postage amount) assessed. All 3 stamps are tied by a bold December 29, 1863 Washington, DC postal cancel. A lovely example of a wartime illegal/improper usage.

Scott # R3c. Added May 21, 2022


S. R. van Duzer. A 1-cent Proprietary (Scott #R3c) with printed/typeset precancel on an unfolded box top from S.R. van Duzer. This piece showcases perfctly what we collectors frequently lament as lack of care with respect to the stamps themselves, when in fact the workers of the period cared not one whit... nor were they required to. The sheets of stamps were cut up once removed from the printing press, and it didn't matter how close the cuts aligned with the perforations. The only thing that realistically mattered was affixing the canceled stamp to the product to prove the payment of tax. A very scarce piece.

Scott # RB11a. Added May 21, 2022


First National Bank. Four 1876-81 checks from the First National Bank in Hartford, CT with 2-cent Propritary revenue stamps used illegally/improperly as documentaries. The top two 1876 checks have RB11a (silk paper) affixed, and the bottom two 1881 checks have RB11b (watermarked USIR) affixed.

Scott # R1c. Added May 21, 2022


Harnden Express Co. Express company receipt. The revenue stamps overlapping is nominally illegal, although universally condoned. Note that the two 1-cent Express stamps are paying the 2-cent recipt tax, not the 2-cent express tax, which by late 1865 had long since been repealed.

Scott # R49a. Added May 21, 2022


A very nice dual-EMU! A May 1863 protest document with the original instrument (a January 1863 promissory note) attached. It's odd in that the 25-cent revenue paying the tax on the protest is affixed not to the protest document itself, but to the original document, overlaying the 15-cent revenue paying the original tax. What is notable though, is that BOTH stamps are EMUs (early matching usage): R40a 15-cent Inland Exchange imperf paying the tax on the original promissory note, and R49a 25-cent Protest imperf paying the tax on the protest.

Scott # R15c. Added May 21, 2022


Joseph Greenleaf, Treasurer.

Scott # R15c. Added May 21, 2022


Tax Collector, City of St. Louis.

Scott # R35c. Added May 21, 2022


Four singles of the 10c Foreign Exchange on an 1865 Indiana indenture.

Scott # R28c. Added May 6, 2022


G & Co.

Scott # R160. Added May 5, 2022


Scott # R41c. Added May 4, 2022


Scarce double transfer down left side, most visible in scrollwork, TWENTY, and FO of FOREIGN.

Scott # R49a. Added May 4, 2022


Very scarce position piece, a horizontal strip of four with full plate number imprint at right. Sadly torn in half and reattached. Catalogue value shown is simply that of two pairs.

Scott # R135. Added May 1, 2022


Robbert Fitton. A fancy large-format embossed cancel from Robert Fitton, 'Manufacturers of Woolen Fancy Cassimeres' in Cavendish, Vermont. The word 'cassimeres' is an archaic spelling of cashmere.

Scott # R706. Added May 1, 2022


Steve Kopecky, Notary Public. Uncut examples of R660, R664, R673, R706, and R707 on a 1957 warranty deed.

Scott # R635. Added May 1, 2022


Pauline E. Koch, Notary Public. Uncut solo usage of 1953 $1.65 documentary on a 1957 warranty deed.

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