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Last updated January 16, 2016 U.S. Proprietary Revenue Stamps

1st Series: 1871-1874

The table below lists all the major varieties for the first issue of U.S. Proprietary Revenues. If I own a particular variety, you will see a thumbnail link to a full-size image of the stamp(s); an entry without a thumbnail means I still need the stamp. Feel free to contact me if you wish to sell/trade me a revenue I need (I'm always looking to trade worldwide classics for U.S. revenues. A gray table cell indicates that this particular variety does not exist for that denomination/type.

Clicking on an image thumbnail will pop up a window with the full-size image and other information about the stamp.

(These aren't necessarily the nicest examples of each type and denomination in my collection; the emphasis is on handstamped and preprinted cancels. See my cancellation galleries for other examples.)

Violet PaperGreen Paper OtherDescription
RB1a RB1a  RB1b RB1b    1¢ Green and Black
    RB1c RB1c  Imperforate
    RB1d Inverted Center
RB2a RB2a  RB2b RB2b    2¢ Green and Black
    RB2c Inverted Center
    RB2d Vert. half used as 1¢ on document
RB3a RB3a  RB3b RB3b    3¢ Green and Black
    RB3c RB3c  Sewing machine perf.
    RB3d Inverted center
RB4a RB4a  RB4b RB4b    4¢ Green and Black
    RB4c Inverted center
    RB4d Vert. half used as 2¢ on document
RB5a RB5a  RB5b   5¢ Green and Black
    RB5c Inverted center
RB6a RB6a  RB6b RB6b    6¢ Green and Black
RB7a RB7a  RB7b   10¢ Green and Black
RB8a RB8b RB8b    50¢ Green and Black
RB9a RB9a  RB9b   $1 Green and Black
RB10a RB10b   $5 Green and Black

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