My Revenue Stamp Wantlist

(Last updated on August 2, 2018)

Here is my list of revenue stamps and revenue-related items I am currently looking for. It's a fairly specific and esoteric list, but there are some general wants listed first. If you have anything on my wantlist, please send high-resolution images and asking price to

General Wants

  1. Tin foil tobacco wrappers with revenue imprints (Hicks)
  2. Cancels from the Brady's Bend Iron Co. on 1st-3rd Issue revenue stamps
  3. Bulk lots and collections of U.S. and world revenues
  4. Illegal usages of postage as revenues on documents
  5. Illegal usages of revenues as postage on cover
  6. Any revenue bisects used on document
  7. Double impressions, double transfers, and other plate varieties on R1-R151
  8. All printed, handstamped, and fancy cancels (including manuscript .doodle. cancels) on R1-R151 and RB1-RB19

Specific Stamps

R1d — 1c Express, silk paper
R1e — 1c Express, vert. pair imperf between
R5e — 2c Bank Check, Double impression
R5f — 2c Bank Check, Vert. pair, imperf between
R11a — 2c Playing Cards imperforate
R13e with T13 double transfer
R13e with T13a double transfer
R14c with T13 double transfer
R14c with T13a double transfer
R15a — 2c USIR, imperforate
R15b — 2c USIR, part perforated
R17a — 3c Playing Cards, imperforate
R18f — 3c Proprietary, Printed on both sides
R22a — 4c Proprietary, imperforate
R26b — 5c Foreign Exchange, part perforate
R26d — 5c Foreign Exchange, silk paper
R35d — 10c Foreign Exchange, silk paper
R39e — 15c Foreign Exchange, double impression
R42d — 20c Inland Exchange, silk paper
R51b — 30c Foreign Exchange, part perf
R56e — 50c Foreign Exchange, double impression
R59d — 50c Mortgage, silk paper
R66b — $1 Conveyance, part perf
R81b — $2 Conveyance, part perforate
R84e — $2.50 Inland Exchange, double impression
R120a — $1.50 Sewing machine perfs
R152d — 2c Blue, Vert pair imperf between
R152e — 2c Blue, Imperf pair
RB3c — 3c Sewing machine perfs
RB11d — 1c Green, vertical pair imperf between

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