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Last updated November 25, 2018 U.S. 1st Issue Revenue Stamps


The table below lists all the major varieties for the first issue of U.S. Revenues. If I own a particular variety, you will see a thumbnail link to a full-size image of the stamp(s); an entry without a thumbnail means I still need the stamp. Feel free to contact me if you wish to sell/trade me a revenue I need (I'm always looking to trade worldwide classics for U.S. revenues. A gray table cell indicates that this particular variety does not exist for that denomination/type.

Clicking on an image thumbnail will pop up a window with the full-size image and other information about the stamp.

(These aren't necessarily the nicest examples of each type and denomination in my collection; the emphasis is on handstamped and preprinted cancels. See my cancellation galleries for other examples.)

Imperf.Part Perf.Old Paper Silk PaperOtherDescription
R1a R1a  R1b R1b  R1c R1c  R1d R1d  1¢ Express (Red)
        R1e      Vert. pair, imperf between
R2a R2a  R2b R2b  R2c R2c      1¢ Playing Cards (Red)
R3a R3a  R3b R3b  R3c R3c  R3d R3d    1¢ Proprietary (Red)
R4a R4a    R4c R4c      1¢ Telegraph (Red)
R5a R5a  R5b R5b  R5c R5c      2¢ Bank Check (Blue)
        R5e      Double impression
        R5f      Vert. pair, imperf between
  R6b R6b  R6c R6c  R6d R6d    2¢ Bank Check (Orange)
        R6e R6e       Orange on Green
R7a R7a    R7c R7c      2¢ Certificate (Blue)
    R8c R8c      2¢ Certificate (Orange)
R9a R9a  R9b R9b  R9c R9c      2¢ Express (Blue)
  R10b R10b  R10c R10c  R10d R10d    2¢ Express (Orange)
R11a R11b R11b  R11c R11c      2¢ Playing Cards (Blue)
    R12c R12c      2¢ Playing Cards (Orange)
R13a R13a  R13b R13b  R13c R13c  R13d R13d    2¢ Proprietary (Blue)
        R13e R13e       Ultramarine
    R14c R14c      2¢ Proprietary (Orange)
R15a R15b R15c R15c  R15d R15d    2¢ U.S. Int. Rev. (Orange)
        R15e R15e       Orange on Green
  R16b R16b  R16c R16c  R16d R16d    3¢ Foreign Exchange (Green)
R17a   R17c R17c      3¢ Playing Cards (Green)
  R18b R18b  R18c R18c  R18d R18d    3¢ Proprietary (Green)
        R18e R18e       Double impression
        R18f Printed on both sides
R19a R19a  R19b R19b  R19c R19c      3¢ Telegraph (Green)
        R19a (var) R19a (var)  Sewing machine perfs
    R20c R20c  R20d R20d    4¢ Inland Exchange (Brown)
    R21c R21c      4¢ Playing Cards (Slate)
R22a R22b R22b  R22c R22c  R22d R22d    4¢ Proprietary (Purple)
    R23c R23c  R23d R23d    5¢ Agreement (Red)
R24a R24a  R24b R24b  R24c R24c  R24d R24d    5¢ Certificate (Red)
        R24f      Impression of R3 on back
R25a R25a  R25b R25b  R25c R25c      5¢ Express (Red)
  R26b R26c R26c  R26d   5¢ Foreign Exchange (Red)
R27a R27a  R27b R27b  R27c R27c  R27d R27d    5¢ Inland Exchange (Red)
    R28c R28c  R28d   5¢ Playing Cards (Red)
        R28e R28e       Double impression
    R29c R29c  R29d R29d    5¢ Proprietary (Red)
    R30c R30c  R30d R30d    6¢ Inland Exchange (Orange)
    R31c R31c      6¢ Proprietary (Orange)
R32a R32a  R32b R32b  R32c R32c      10¢ Bill of Lading (Blue)
R33a R33a  R33b R33b  R33c R33c  R33d R33d    10¢ Certificate (Blue)
  R34b R34b  R34c R34c  R34d R34d    10¢ Contract (Blue)
  R34be R34be      R34ce R34ce       Ultramarine
    R35c R35c  R35d   10¢ Foreign Exchange (Blue)
        R35e R35e       Ultramarine
R36a R36a  R36b R36b  R36c R36c  R36d R36d    10¢ Inland Exchange
R37a R37a  R37b R37b  R37c R37c      10¢ Power of Attorney (Blue)
    R38c R38c      10¢ Proprietary (Blue)
    R39c R39c      15¢ Foreign Exchange (Brown)
        R39e      Double impression
R40a R40a  R40b R40b  R40c R40c      15 Inland Exchange (Brown)
  R40be R40ce  R40ce R40ce           Double impression
R41a R41a    R41c R41c  R41d R41d    20¢ Foreign Exchange (Red)
R42a R42a  R42b R42b  R42c R42c  R42d   20¢ Inland Exchange (Red)
R43a R43a  R43b R43b  R43c R43c      25¢ Bond
R44a R44a  R44b R44b  R44c R44c  R44d R44d    25¢ Certificate
        R44e      Printed on Both Sides
R45a R45a  R45b R45b  R45c R45c  R45d R45d    25¢ Entry of Goods (Red)
R46a R46a  R46b R46b  R46c R46c  R46d R46d    25¢ Insurance (Red)
        R46e      Double impression
R47a R47a  R47b R47b  R47c R47c      25¢ Life Insurance (Red)
R48a R48a  R48b R48b  R48c R48c  R48d   25¢ Power of Attorney (Red)
R49a R49a  R49b R49b  R49c R49c      25¢ Protest (Red)
R50a R49a  R50b R50b  R50c R50c      25¢ Warehouse Receipt (Red)
R51a R51a  R51b R51c R51c  R51d R51d    30¢ Foreign Exchange (Lilac)
R52a R52a  R52b R52b  R52c R52c  R52d R52d    30¢ Inland Exchange (Lilac)
R53a R53a  R53b R53b  R53c R53c  R53d R53d    40¢ Inland Exchange (Brown)
        R53f R53f       Double impression
R54a R54a  R54b R54b  R54c R54c  R54d   50¢ Conveyance (Blue)
    R54ce R54e  R54de R54de         Ultramarine
  R55b R55b  R55c R55c  R55d R55d    50¢ Entry of Goods (Blue)
R56a R56a  R56b R56b  R56c R56c      50¢ Foreign Exchange (Blue)
        R56e      Double impression
R57a R57a  R57b R57b  R57c R57c      50¢ Lease (Blue)
R58a R58a  R58b R58b  R58c R58c      50¢ Life Insurance (Blue)
        R58e R58e       Double impression
R59a R59a  R59b R59b  R59c R59c  R59d   50¢ Mortgage (Blue)
R59ae   R59ce          Double impression
R60a R60a  R60b R60b  R60c R60c  R60d R60d    50¢ Original Process (Blue)
R61a R61a  R61b R61b  R61c R61c      50¢ Passage Ticket (Blue)
R62a R62a  R62b R62b  R62c R62c      50¢ Probate of Will (Blue)
R63a R63a  R63b R63b  R63c R63c      50¢ Surety Bond (blue)
        R63e R63e       Ultramarine
R64a R64a  R64b R64b  R64c R64c  R64d R64d    60¢ Inland Exchange (Orange)
R65a R65a  R65b R65b  R65c R65c  R65d R65d    70¢ Foreign Exchange (Green)
R66a R66a  R66b R66c R66c  R66d R66d    $1 Conveyance (Red)
R67a R67a    R67c R67c  R67d   $1 Entry of Goods (Red)
R68a R68a    R68c R68c  R68d   $1 Foreign Exchange (Red)
R69a R69a  R69b R69b  R69c R69c  R69d R69d    $1 Inland Exchange (Red)
R70a   R70c R70c      $1 Lease (Red)
R71a R71a    R71c R71c  R71d R71c    $1 Life Insurance (Red)
R72a R72a    R72c R72c      $1 Manifest (Red)
R73a R73a    R73c R73c      $1 Mortgage (Red)
R74a R74a    R74c R74c      $1 Passage Ticket (Red)
R75a R75a    R75c R75c      $1 Power of Attorney (Red)
R76a R76a    R76c R76c      $1 Probate of Will (Red)
R77a R77a    R77c R77c      $1.30 Foreign Exchange (Orange)
R78a R78a    R78c R78c      $1.50 Inland Exchange (Blue)
R79a R79a    R79c R79c      $1.60 Foreign Exchange (Green)
R80a R80a    R80c R80c  R80d R80c    $1.90 Foreign Exchange (Purple)
R81a R81a  R81b R81c R81c  R81d R81d    $2 Conveyance (Red)
R82a R82a    R82c R82c  R82d R82d    $2 Mortgage (Red)
R83a R83a    R83c R83c      $2 Probate of Will (Red)
R84a R84a    R84c R84c  R84d R84d    $2.50 Inland Exchange (Purple)
        R84e      Double impression
R85a R85a    R85c R85c  R85d   $3 Charter Party (Green)
        R85e      Printed on Both Sides
R86a R86a    R86c R86c      $3 Manifest (Green)
R87a R87a    R87c R87c      $3.50 Inland Exchange (Blue)
R88a R88a    R88c R88c  R88d   $5 Charter Party (Red)
R89a R89a    R89c R89c  R89d R89d    $5 Conveyance (Red)
R90a R90a    R90c R90c      $5 Manifest (Red)
R91a R91a    R91c R91c      $5 Mortgage (Red)
R92a R92a    R92c R92c      $5 Probate of Will (Red)
R93a R93a    R93c R93c      $10 Charter Party (Green)
R94a R94a    R94c R94c      $10 Conveyance (Green)
R95a R95a    R95c R95c      $10 Mortgage (Green)
R96a R96a    R96c R96c      $10 Probate of Will (Green)
R97a R97a    R97c R97c      $15 Mortgage (Blue)
        R97e R97e       Ultramarine
        R97f R97f       Milky blue
R98a R98a    R98c R98c  R98d R98d    $20 Conveyance (Orange)
R99a R99a    R99c R99c      $20 Probate of Will (Orange)
R100a R100a    R100c R100c  R100d R100d    $25 Mortgage (Red)
R101a R101a    R101c R101c      $50 U.S. Int. Rev. (Green)
R102a R101a    R102c R102c      $200 U.S. Int. Rev. (Green and Red)

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