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No. of Stamps: 3854


Revenue Multiples

Another fun area to collect is revenue multiples: pairs, blocks, strips, etc. In fact, for imperf and part-perf 1st-issue revenues, the only real way to be sure that you do not have a trimmed or reperfed stamp is to obtain a multiple.

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Scott # 63

63 Horizontal pair of Scott 63 illegally used as revenues. Unusual to find multiples.

Scott # 65

65 Just an incredible piece! Doubly illegal, with postage stamps used as revenues, and miscalculation of the tax owed. Two promissory notes (one year and two year) dated February 22, 1865, each for $450, with 15 randomly placed #65. The correct tax, five cents per $100 or part thereof, should have been 25 cents per note, or 50 cents, but the illegal attempted payment, 45 cents was based on the cumulative total of $900. The two receipts on the back are not taxable because they were on the same sheet of paper as the notes.

Scott # 281

281 Block of 4 with both manuscript and horizontal cut cancels. Improper usage of postage as revenue. Too bad it is not still on the original document.

Scott # 286

286 Pair and two singles of the 2-cent Trans-Mississippi used illegally as revenues on a fragment of a promissory note.

Scott # L29

L29 Mint NH block of 72 of the 60-cent Ohio Wine and Mixed Beverage tax stamp, originally issued in 1939. Catalog value shown is for 72 singles.

Scott # R1a


Scott # R1b

R1b Vertical pair. Warren Stetson was the purchasing agent and later the paymaster for the Troy and Greenfield Railroad, in North Adams Massachusetts. Not listed in Tolman/Shellabear. Green ink cancels are exceptionally scarce.
R1b Vertical strip of 5.
R1b Vertical pair. Part perf multiples are quite scarce on CDVs.
R1b Vertical pair.

Scott # R1c

R1c Vertical strip of 3. The middle stamp in the strip is a short transfer.

Scott # R3b

R3b Horizontal pair. Exhibits the quality-control issues from the 1860s. Unfortunately it is of minimal value due to all the faults. Very similar to lot 1912 in the Joyce collection, 1991.

Scott # R3c

R3c Horizontal pair.
R3c Vertical block of 6.
R3c Wholesale druggists. Horizontal pair.
R3c Horizontal pair.
R3c The manuscript cancels are pretty mundane. Of greater interest is the stencil backstamp. I do not know if it was ever used as a stamp cancel. Ex-Baryla.
R3c Mint with full gum. Horizontal block of 6.
R3c Choice strikes of this 3-line cancel. Ex-Baryla.
R3c Horizontal strip of 3.
R3c Wonderful item! The Walker & Taylor 10-line printed cancel is scarcer on the 1c denomination than the 2c. Also, the 1870 dated cancel is MUCH tougher than the 1866. Lastly, this is the first multiple I have ever seen with a Walker & Taylor cancel.

Scott # R4c

R4c Block of 4.

Scott # R5a

R5a Nice margins.

Scott # R5c

R5c Horizontal pair with imprint capture.
R5c Vertical pair showing a plate scratch running diagonally through both stamps.

Scott # R6c

R6c Block of 4. Cancel is Tolman C-12A.
R6c Plate blocks of 1st issue revenues are quite scarce. Granted, it has been very heavily reinforced around the edges. There are blue threads on 2 of the 24 stamps, but the PF has determined that it is not silk paper, so the block is not R6d. 2014 Philatelic Foundation Certificate.
R6c Horizontal pair.
R6c Tolman N-1B-2.

Scott # R9a

R9a 1989 Philatelic Foundation certificate. 2-cent Express imperf pair used illegally as postage on cover, and then a 3-cent Washington (Scott #65) pasted over as actual postage. Green paid 3 handstamp cancel.

Scott # R9c

R9c Block of 24 (8x3) on a document fragment. According to The Curtis Collection census, this is the second largest known block of R9c.

Scott # R10 c

R10 c Unusal combination of revenues: horizontal pair of R10c, R3c single (nominally illegal usage), and R24a imperforate, paying the 10-cent tax on this fire insurance policy.

Scott # R10c

R10c Horizontal block of 6.

Scott # R10d

R10d Horizontal pair. Valued as two singles, as Scott does not list pair or block of 4 values for silk papers.

Scott # R11c

R11c Lovely exhibit-quality multiple, a horizontal block of 12.

Scott # R12c

R12c Per the Curtis Census, this is only the ninth reported multiple of the 2-cent Playing Cards orange.

Scott # R13b

R13b While R13b part perf pairs are not particularly scarce, truly mint examples with original gum are. The white spots on the reverse are not thins, but rather some gum voids.
R13b 2005 Philatelic Foundation certificate. Vertical pair.

Scott # R13c

R13c Horizontal pair, the right stamp being the position above the T13a major double transfer, exhibiting DT elements across the bottom.

Scott # R15c

R15c Block of 4 with perfectly centered handstamp cancel.
R15c Block of 4.
R15c Very scarce cancel.
R15c Two overlapping singles with nice oval cancel on payroll.

Scott # R15d

R15d L-shaped strip of 3. Top left stamp is the T15 major double transfer listed by Scott. The bottom right stamp is a different unlisted major double transfer. Here is a closeup of the two DT areas side by side to compare them.

Scott # R19b

R19b Vertical pair.
R19b Tolman N-11B. Nice contrasting red cancel on a horizontal pair.

Scott # R20c

R20c Vertical pair.

Scott # R22c

R22c Verical pair.
R22c Horizontal pair.
R22c Vertical pair.
R22c Horizontal strip of 5 with minor double transfers throughout.

Scott # R22d

R22d 2005 Philatelic Foundation certificate. Vertial pair. Several silk fibers also visible on obverse of stamps.

Scott # R23d

R23d Interesting misperf oddity. At first glance, it looks like a part perf pair, imperf vertically, but there is a line of blind perfs down the right side of the left stamp. Also, it is silk paper, so it cannot be a part perf.

Scott # R24a

R24a Horizontal pair.
R24a Vertical block of 6.
R24a Horizontal pair.

Scott # R24b

R24b Full vertical strip of 10 (the longest vertical strip possible). Note the poor quality control in the perforations from top to bottom.
R24b Vertical pair.

Scott # R24c

R24c Horizontal pair. Dry goods firm.
R24c Very common stamp with low catalog value (the catalog value quoted above is for a block of 4 + a pair). However, given the normal poor quality control and centering found on these, the centering of the stamps in this block is actually superb.
R24c Block of 4.
R24c Vertical pair with freak perfs.

Scott # R25a

R25a Vertical pair.
R25a Interesting document fragment containing a block of 6 plus 3 singles of R25a, a pair of R75c and an R15c single. An enterprising clerk partially prescored (precut actually) the R25a for easy separation at time of use. All of the R25a are valued as singles, rather than multiples (which would be considerably more valuable).

Scott # R25b

R25b Vertical pair.
R25b Vertical pair.

Scott # R26c

R26c Mint with full original gum. Full OG mint 1st-3rd issue revenues are quite scarce; the vast majority sold as 'mint' or 'unused' were actually used but uncancelled stamps that were sweated or soaked from documents. Scott does not price them mint, only used. The catalog value shown is for a used block of 4.

Scott # R27a

R27a Vertical pair with jumbo margins on all sides. If not for a few small flaws, this would be a 'moon money' piece.

Scott # R27b

R27b Vertical pair.
R27b Vertical strip of 3.
R27b Two strips of 3 of R27b, plus several singles and a strip of 3 of R23c on a promissory note.
R27b Very scarce boxed version of the 'SdeV' cancel. One normally finds either circular or large SdeV letter cancels from Simon de Visser.
R27b Vertical pair.
R27b Vertical pair.
R27b R27b horizontal pair, along with 4 singles of R33c, paying the 50-cent tax on an 1863 warranty deed.

Scott # R27c

R27c Despite the muddy impression of the block, the bottom right stamp appears to be the double transfer at bottom variety.
R27c Double transfer. Listed but unpriced in Scott. Horizontal pair with both stamps showing doubling at left and bottom.
R27c Double transfer. Listed but unpriced in Scott. Major doubling at left and bottom on left stamp.
R27c Plate block of 4 used on a tattered document.
R27c Block of 10 with the 5 marked positions all being double transfers.
R27c Wholesale drug house of Boving & Witte.

Scott # R27d

R27d Horizontal strip of 3.

Scott # R28c

R28c Block of 4. Cross precancel plus manuscript cancel. Full gum.
R28c Reinforced pair. As with many photographer cancels, they are precancels. Both stamps have full gum. Ex-Baryla.

Scott # R29c

R29c Horizontal block of 6 plus a single R29c and a single R60c on a promissary note. Blocks of R29c are fairly scarce. This is the first I've seen on document.
R29c Horizontal pair.

Scott # R30c

R30c Tolman B-10.

Scott # R32a

R32a Horizontal pair with indeterminate blue handstamp cancel.
R32a Vertical pair.

Scott # R32b

R32b Ship brokers. Vertical pair with great handstamp cancel. Unfortunately it's actually a pair of R32a that someone has added perfs to at left and right.
R32b Faulty, but one of only two known multiples of R32b imperforate vertically. As a general rule, part perfs are normally found imperforate horizontally, and only some of them exist imperforate vertically, virtually all considerably more scarce as the latter. Ex-Curtis.

Scott # R34c

R34c Horizontal pair with right stamp showing a double transfer at bottom. Not the 'Complete double transfer' listed in Scott.

Scott # R34ce

R34ce Horizontal pair exhibiting a very vibrant shade of ultramarine.

Scott # R35e

R35e Lovely bottom margin block of 4. These are fairly uncommon in multiples.

Scott # R36a

R36a Vertical pair.

Scott # R36b

R36b Bottom sheet margin pair.

Scott # R36c

R36c Straight line handstamps in blue as well as circular handstamps in black.

Scott # R37b

R37b Vertical pair.

Scott # R40a

R40a Top sheet margin horizontal pair.
R40a Vertical strip of 3.

Scott # R41a

R41a Irregular block of 5. Per the Curtis Census, this is the 4th largest known multiple of R41a.

Scott # R42a

R42a Block of 4.
R42a Vertical pair. Horizontal crease at top, but look at those jumbo margins!

Scott # R42c

R42c Vertical pair.
R42c Horizontal pair.

Scott # R43a

R43a Vertical pair.

Scott # R43b

R43b Top margin block of 4.
R43b Vertical pair.

Scott # R44c

R44c Block of 4 with multiple strikes of this ornamental boxed cancel.

Scott # R45a

R45a Horizontal pair. Arms merchant.
R45a Horizontal pair.
R45a Nice horizontal pair with left stamp exhibiting a double top frame line.
R45a Wondeful double strikes of this diminuitive oval cancel on a horizontal pair. Naylor & Co. was an arms merchant.
R45a Horizontal pair. Three cancels on this one... handstamped, punched, and manuscript.

Scott # R45d

R45d Horizontal pair. Scott value is for two singles, since Scott does not list a pair value for this particular stamp, presumably due to scarcity (there is no listing in The Curtis Census for R45d). Two visible blue threads, one on the reverse of the left stamp and one on the obverse of the right stamp, both highlighted with yellow arrows. Right stamp also exhibits a faint doubling of the top frameline, however not as strong as the Scott-listed 'top frame line double'.

Scott # R46b

R46b Horizontal pair on piece.

Scott # R47a

R47a Gorgeous vertical pair with striking early-use cancel.

Scott # R48a

R48a Horizontal pair. Insurance agents.
R48a Benjamin Tredwell Van Nostrand, a custom-house broker. Ex-Curtis.

Scott # R48c

R48c Deputy Collector of Customs.

Scott # R49a

R49a Block of 4. Manuscript and punch cancels. Sheet margin imprint partially visible at lower right.

Scott # R50a

R50a Horizontal pair.

Scott # R50b

R50b Someone ruined a nice imperf pair in an attempt to create an R50b pair ($2,750). Those perfs wander all over the place.

Scott # R51a

R51a Horizontal pair. Fairly tough multiple.

Scott # R53c

R53c Tolman F-1A-2.

Scott # R55b

R55b Vertical pair with punch and manuscript cancels.
R55b Vertical strip of 3.

Scott # R56c

R56c Block of 6 and pair of R56c, along with an R69c, paying $5 tax on a warranty deed. The block of 6 is tied for the largest reported multiple.

Scott # R57b


Scott # R57c

R57c Horizontal pair.

Scott # R58a

R58a Horizontal pair. Custom house cancel; am unsure of the details. I have never seen a crisp readable strike of this cancel.

Scott # R59a

R59a Horizontal pair.
R59a Horizontal pair.

Scott # R59c

R59c This scratched plate crosses several stamps. Multiples containing more than one position of the scratch are quite scarce.
R59c Vertical pair with diagonal plate scratch crossing both stamps. Not the major long plate scratch that Scott lists, but a second scratch at a different angle.

Scott # R62a

R62a Lovely horizontal pair.

Scott # R64b

R64b Vertical strip of 4 with partial margin imprint at bottom.

Scott # R66a

R66a Horizontal pair.

Scott # R66c

R66c Two vertical strips of 5 on large indenture.

Scott # R68a

R68a Interesting horizontal pair. Left stamp has the left frame line doubled. Note the difference in height between the two stamps.

Scott # R69a

R69a Horizontal pair.
R69a Bottom margin horizontal strip of 3.

Scott # R71c

R71c Great full strike of this bank multi-line cancel, which you would not see on a single stamp.

Scott # R72a

R72a Horizontal strip of 3. Inverted day slug in cancel.

Scott # R73a

R73a Horizontal pair.

Scott # R73c

R73c Horizontal pair.
R73c Very scarce horizonal pair on document, on Letters of Administration for an estate.

Scott # R74c

R74c Horizontal strip of 4.

Scott # R75a

R75a Horizontal pair.

Scott # R78a

R78a Horizontal pair with bottom frame line is doubled on left stamp.
R78a Vertical pair with interesting horizontal line through top stamp.

Scott # R80c

R80c Horizontal pair.

Scott # R82a

R82a Horizontal strip of 3.

Scott # R85a

R85a Vertical strip of 3.

Scott # R85c

R85c Horizontal pair.

Scott # R88c

R88c Horizontal pair.

Scott # R89a

R89a February 1863 conveyance (deed), Franklin County, Ind., in the amount $6,400, stamped with matching $5 Conveyance imperforate pair. On the reverse, a justice's jurat stamped with matching 10 Certificate, this a scarcer usage as this tax was rescinded March 3, 1863, nice 'double EMU.'
R89a Horizontal strip of 3.

Scott # R90a

R90a Vertical pair.

Scott # R94c

R94c Horizontal strip of 3.

Scott # R98a

R98a Horizontal pair.

Scott # R104

R104 Mint with full original gum. Full OG mint 1st-3rd issue revenues are quite scarce; the vast majority sold as 'mint' or 'unused' were actually used but uncancelled stamps that were sweated or soaked from documents. Scott does not price them mint, only used. The catalog value shown is for a used block of 4.

Scott # R107

R107 Margin imprint pair with partial plate number. Ex-Morrissey.

Scott # R109

R109 Block of 12 with roller/waffle cancel. Stamp at upper left is an unlisted double transfer (tops of numerals, INT.REV. at top).
R109 Block of 4 with the top left stamp containing a recently discovered double transfer at top. Ex-Morrissey.

Scott # R112c

R112c Horizontal pair exhibiting sewing machine perforations. Multiples of the sewing machine perfs are quite scarce.

Scott # R115

R115 Horizontal strip of four, the stamp at far right having a double transfer at top.

Scott # R123

R123 Plate number and imprint pair. Ex-Morrissey.

Scott # R128

R128 Horizontal pair.

Scott # R135

R135 Left margin plate number strip of 4. Ex-Cleland.
R135 Left margin plate block of 6, plate 9. Ex-Cleland.
R135 Tolman N-25.

Scott # R136

R136 Nice horizontal pair with SON cancel. Interestingly, for R136, a pair is the largest known multiple.

Scott # R139

R139 Horizontal pair.

Scott # R140

R140 Horizontal pair with freak perforations.
R140 Horizontal strip of 5. I don't normally go after multiples or play the '11th largest known multiple' game, but I made an exception for this piece. Even though it is the 3rd largest reported multiple (there is one block of 6 and one strip of 6), the quality of the individual stamps in this strip is MUCH nicer than those other multiples, with each stamp having centering well clear of the perforations, but also there is a margin imprint capture at lower right. Ex-Morrissey.

Scott # R144

R144 Horizontal pair.
R144 The triangular punch was part of the canceling device, as it is perfectly centered within the circular handstamp. Unusual to see them in multiples. Ex-Morrissey.

Scott # R147

R147 Horizontal pair.

Scott # R155A

R155A Block of 4 with inverted overprint. Ink voids create a hollow period or circle after the R at bottom left.

Scott # R163

R163 Large format multiline cancel on a 1-cent battleship block of 6.

Scott # R163a


Scott # R164

R164 Jersey City Station.
R164 Horizontal pair.

Scott # R164p


Scott # R165p

R165p Irregular block of 19 of the 3-cent battleship revenue stamp with hyphen-hole perforations on a 1901 promissory note. Per the Curtis Census, this is far and away the largest reported multiple of R165p, with the second largest multiple being a block of 6.
R165p Block of 4.

Scott # R166

R166 Vertical pair with dramatic shift of the rouletting.

Scott # R168

R168 Pair of R168, along with a single R163, on document fragment. On the reverse is a single British 5-shilling Foreign Bill revenue stamp. Combination usages of U.S. and foreign revenues on the same document are fairly scarce.

Scott # R168a


Scott # R171

R171 Vertical pair, along with a vertical pair of R164, along with a R168, R169, and R163.

Scott # R171p

R171p Plate number strip of 4. Scott value above is as 4 singles. Durland lists a plate number strip of 3 at $350.

Scott # R172

R172 Nice block of four.

Scott # R172p

R172p Meticulously written manuscript cancel on this moderately tough pair.

Scott # R176

R176 Attractive presentation, but cut canceled.

Scott # R177

R177 Nice 3-line handstamp cancel on a block of four.

Scott # R183

R183 Mint full gum block of four.

Scott # R184

R184 Lovely full-gum MNH block of 4. Very difficult to value, as (1) Scott only lists used blocks of 4, not mint, and (2) Scott does not give a price for never hinged. I have simply applied a MNH premium of 100% to the value for 4 singles.

Scott # R185

R185 Attractive block of 4 with handstamped and cut cancels.

Scott # R187

R187 Horizontal strip of 3 with full gum, presumably precancelled prior to use.

Scott # R195

R195 Hinged block of four.

Scott # R196

R196 Hinged block of four.

Scott # R197

R197 Block of four, two stamps hinged, two never hinged.
R197 Horizontal pair.

Scott # R198

R198 Tough multiple. Full gum hinged block of four.

Scott # R199

R199 Hinged full gum block of four.

Scott # R200

R200 Precanceled block of 15 with full gum never hinged.

Scott # R205

R205 Commission merchants. Block of four.

Scott # R210


Scott # R211

R211 Hinged full gum block of four.

Scott # R212

R212 Hinged full fum block of four.

Scott # R213

R213 Full gum block of four, two stamps hinged and two never hinged.

Scott # R214

R214 Hinged full gum block of four.

Scott # R222

R222 Block of 4 with cut, handstamped, and manuscript cancels.
R222 Vertical strip of 3 with provisional 'F. D.' (Future Delivery) handstamps. Unlisted in Scott but well known within the revenue collecting community. Catalog value shown above is for the normal non-overprinted stamp.

Scott # R228

R228 Vivid double impression.
R228 Irregular block of seven.

Scott # R229

R229 Double impression block of 4, 2 stamps hinged and 2 stamps NH. Scott catalog value is for 4 singles.

Scott # R234

R234 Nice large-format multiline cancel across a block of 6.

Scott # R239

R239 Plate block of 8. The plate number 32014 is currently unlisted in Durland. Catalog value is from the 2016 Durland catalog.
R239 Each stamp with a CNB perfin.
R239 Plate block of 21, quite scarce. Catalog value above is from the Durland Catalog for an unused plate block of 8.

Scott # R290

R290 Sensitive ink. Full gum never hinged block of four.

Scott # R555

R555 Vertical pair with very low serial numbers.

Scott # RB1a

RB1a Block of 4.

Scott # RB1c

RB1c Unused (no gum as issued) strip of 6.
RB1c Right margin block of four.
RB1c Imprint margin block of 6, possibly unique position piece.
RB1c Bottom sheet margin horizontal pair.

Scott # RB2b

RB2b Block of 4.

Scott # RB4a

RB4a Top margin horizontal margin imprint pair.

Scott # RB11b

RB11b Bottom margin plate block of 4, plate 3 mirror imaged. Full gum never hinged. Ex-Cleland.

Scott # RB12b

RB12b Bottom half of a beautiful large-format druggist fancy cancel on a horizontal pair. I would love to see a complete version of the cancel.

Scott # RB13a

RB13a Top plate number block of 10, plate 7. Precanceled with full gum. Ex-Cleland.

Scott # RB13c

RB13c Horizontal pair.

Scott # RB14b

RB14b Horizontal pair.

Scott # RB15b

RB15b Bottom plate number strip of 3, plate 3 mirror imaged. Ex-Cleland. Pictured in the Durland Catalog.
RB15b Precanceled block of 4 with full original gum.

Scott # RB17c

RB17c 2011 Philatelic Foundation certificate. Horizontal pair. One of only 8 multiples known.

Scott # RB20


Scott # RB22

RB22 Plate block of 9, no gum.
RB22 Top inscription block of nine, no gum.

Scott # RB23a

RB23a Vertical strip of four, imperforate between.

Scott # RB24

RB24 Full gum block of four.

Scott # RB26p

RB26p Block of 4.

Scott # RB28

RB28 Full gum hinged block of four.
RB28 Line block of 4 used illegally as documentary stamps on an 1899 marriage license. Same document as the one shown on this page, also an illegal usage from the same county, dated 8 days earlier. Each document contributes to the validity of the other.

Scott # RB28p

RB28p Full gum hinged block of four.

Scott # RB45

RB45 Vertical strip of 4 of RB45 (or RB33, no way to be certain), used improperly as documentaries, on a bill of lading.

Scott # RB56

RB56 Full gum never hinged block of four.

Scott # RB57

RB57 Full gum block of four, two stamps hinged and two never hinged.

Scott # RB59

RB59 Full gum block of four, two stamps hinged and two stamps never hinged.

Scott # RB63

RB63 Full gum block of four, two stamps hinged and two never hinged.

Scott # RB70

RB70 Full gum hinged block of four. Attractive, but thinned.

Scott # RB71

RB71 Mint full gum block of 40, with creases and heavy hinge reinforcement. By far the largest known multiple (the largest block in the Curtis Census are several blocks of six).

Scott # RB72

RB72 Full gum hinged block of four.

Scott # RB73

RB73 Hinged block of four.

Scott # RD3


Scott # RE7

RE7 Mint NH right margin block of 20. Catalog value shown is for 20 singles.

Scott # RE9

RE9 Mint NH block of 4. Catalog value shown is for 4 singles.

Scott # RE15

RE15 Lower left corner margin block of 4. Catalog value shown is for 4 singles.
RE15 Lower-left bottom margin strip of 5 with inventory control number stamped in margin. Catalog value shown is for 5 singles.
RE15 Top margin block of 4 with a red inventory control number stamped in the margin. Catalog value shown is for 4 singles.
RE15 Top margin block of 4 with inventory control number stamped in red. Catal value shown is for 4 singles.

Scott # RE29

RE29 Mint NH block of 5. Catalog value shown is for 5 singles.

Scott # RE30

RE30 Unused lower left corner margin block of 4. Catalog value shown is for 4 singles.

Scott # RE33

RE33 Unused block of 10. Catalog value shown is for 10 singles.

Scott # RE34

RE34 Three different unused blocks of 10, each showing a different color shade. Catalog value shown is for 30 singles.
RE34 Unused block of 10 with margin imprint capture at bottom. Very scarce on wine stamps. Catalog value shown is for 10 singles.

Scott # RE36

RE36 Unused block of 50 (half sheet). Catalog value shown is for 50 singles.

Scott # RE37

RE37 Two unused blocks of 10, each showing a different color shade. Catalog value shown is for 20 singles.

Scott # RE38

RE38 Unused block of 10. Catalog value shown is for 10 singles.

Scott # RE40

RE40 Unused block of 50 (half sheet). Catalog value shown is for 50 singles.

Scott # RE42

RE42 Unused block of 30. Catalog value shown is for 30 singles.

Scott # RE43

RE43 Four blocks of 10 of the 1916 issue, each showing a different color shade. The block of 6 on top of them is the 1933 issue (rouletted 7) contrasting the brighter paper of the later issue. Catalog value shown is for singles.

Scott # RE44

RE44 Unused block of 20. Catalog value shown is for 20 singles.

Scott # RE46

RE46 Unused block of 30. Catalog value shown is for 30 singles.

Scott # RE47

RE47 Unused block of 50, quite scarce. Catalog value shown is for 50 singles.

Scott # RE50

RE50 Unused block of 10. Catalog value shown is for 10 singles.

Scott # RE51

RE51 Unused, but severely toned, block of 10. Catalog value shown is for 10 singles.

Scott # RE52

RE52 Three unused blocks of 10, each showing a different color shade. Catalog value shown is for 30 singles.

Scott # RE53

RE53 Unused center line block of 4.

Scott # RE54

RE54 Unused, but heavily toned block of 8.

Scott # RE55

RE55 Unused block of 4.

Scott # RE146

RE146 Mint block of 45. Catalog value shown is for 45 singles.

Scott # RE147

RE147 Unused block of 4. Ink void in lower left stamp creates 'DOILAR' variety.

Scott # RE150

RE150 Unused vertical striip of 4. Catalog value shown is for 4 singles.

Scott # RE157

RE157 Unused block of 4. Catalog value shown is for 4 singles.

Scott # RE198

RE198 Unused vertical strip of 3, type II (larger letters, circular 5).

Scott # RG2

RG2 Never hinged block of four.

Scott # RG4

RG4 Never hinged block of four.

Scott # RG5

RG5 Never hinged block of four.

Scott # RG6

RG6 Never hinged block of four.

Scott # RG7

RG7 Never hinged block of four.

Scott # RG11

RG11 Bottom margin plate block of 4. Catalog value is from the 2016 Durland catalog.

Scott # RJ10

RJ10 Vertical pair, along with an additional single RJ10, an RJ9, RJ7, RJ6, two RJ4, and an RJ1 block of four on an affadavit for the sale of 1444 pounds of tobacco.

Scott # RJA33

RJA33 Top margin plate block of 8. Plate block catalog value is from 2016 Durland catalog.

Scott # RJA34

RJA34 Top margin plate block of 8. Catalog value is from 2016 Durland catalog.

Scott # RJA39

RJA39 Top margin plate block of 6. Catalog value is from the 2016 Durland Catalog.

Scott # RS193b

RS193b Pair with double transfer in bottom label of left stamp.

Scott # RVB1

RVB1 USPS presentation folder given to honored guests at First Day ceremony. Contains complete sheets of 10 of the RVB1 and RVB2 boating stamps. Catalogue value is for a plate block of 4 plus 6 singles of each stamp. Note that the 2 sheets are not only matching serial numbers, but also very low 2-digit serial numbers. These sheets would have been the 10th sheets of each stamp off the press.

Scott # W33

W33 Mint NH complete pane of 10 of the 90-cent Ohio Wine and Mixed Beverage tax stamp, issued in 1965. Catalog value shown is for 10 singles.

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