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Scott Number: RB1a Collection Reference No. for Communications: 5682

Denomination/Type: Proprietary: 1c green and black, violet paper

2023 Scott Catalog Value (for a single stamp): $ 8.00

Estimated Retail Value: $ 450.00 What is this?

Cancel Method: Herringbone

Cancel Date: September 16, 1872

Cancel or Company Type: Bank/Banker/Broker

Company: Bowles Brothers & Co.

A one of a kind document: an unsevered 1872 Second and Third of Exchange from the 'Triple-Currency Exchange', Bowles Brothers & Co., a rarely-seen banking entity on foreign exchange documents. It contains two sets of R109, R137, and RB1a, each set paying the correct 16 cents tax. Unusual not only in that the document is printed in multiple inks, but for my purposes in that it features two RB1a used improperly as documentaries on the reverse, both tied by herringbone cancels. Also, it contains one stamp from each of the three bi-colored revenue stamp series of the era: second issue documentary, third issue documentary, and first-issue proprietary... a virtually impossible combination.

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